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Exclusive membership network and simple recruiting tools drivers and recruiters love.

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I hire CDL drivers

Get more qualified applicants and boost your speed to hire with DriverReach

  • More applicants – qualified CDL drivers find you through the matching network
  • Faster processing – simple, best of breed recruiting tools recruiters and drivers love
  • Lower cost – no upfront costs, reduced spend on costly, ineffective job ads
  • Simple and easy – do it yourself, takes 3 minutes to join, no complex technical setup
Try it out free for 30 days

Free to join and try for 30 days. No credit card required.
Start getting matched with CDL drivers in minutes.

DriverReach Membership Network

Clare D. Yauger, Sr. testimonial “Streamlined on-boarding process, simple DOT-compliant documents and automatic sending of employment verifications. DriverReach nailed it!”Clare D. Yauger, Sr. | Director of Safety & Recruitment | JCI Transportation | Pennsauken, NJ

A powerful matching network where qualified CDL drivers discover you!

DriverReach is much more than just an online DOT application form and applicant tracking system. We believe the REAL value is the driver applicant, not the tools used for applicant tracking.

The DriverReach mission is to bring companies and CDL drivers together.

As a DriverReach company member, you’re automatically matched with qualified CDL drivers based on your location and hiring criteria. Matching drivers send you their application, if they choose. You then use our modern, simple recruiting tools to complete the hiring process.

Even if you choose not to use our applicant tracking tools, being a member gives you the competitive advantage of being discovered and contacted by qualified CDL drivers on the DriverReach network.

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Free to join and try for 30 days. No credit card required.
Start getting matched with CDL drivers in minutes.

Heather Hutchens testimonial “Drivers love the fact they can complete the application online with minimal time and I love that everything can be done in one place!!! I HIGHLY recommend this to any company!!”Heather Hutchens | Safety Director | Austin Transportation | Daleville, IN

Why choose DriverReach

DriverReach is not just another job board or complicated applicant tracking system. It’s an innovative membership network connecting carriers with qualified CDL drivers, with best of breed applicant tracking tools that you actually enjoy using.

Targeted leads

Qualified CDL drivers are intelligently “matched” with your company and instantly send a pre-filled online DOT application.

Driver friendly

Your own unique link to a driver-friendly, mobile-optimized DOT application form to place on websites, job postings, emails, ads, etc.

Cost effective

Stop paying for an online DOT application form! Get yours with a FREE 30-day trial membership and start collecting applications instantly.

Safe & secure

DriverReach runs in the cloud on secure servers, so your data is safe. Say goodbye to complex IT setups, investments and technical headaches.

How it works

Member companies are automatically matched to qualified CDL drivers, who instantly apply using their pre-filled online DOT-compliant application.

Drivers find you

Qualified CDL drivers find you on the DriverReach network based on your location, hiring needs and applicant criteria. Customize your company profile to attract exactly the types of drivers you need.

DOT-compliant application

Drivers send you their completed DOT application through the DriverReach network, or through your unique DOT application links placed on your website, in job ads, on social media channels, etc.

Track your applicants

Enjoy best of breed applicant tracking tools, with none of the bloat and complexity you see in other out-dated products. Recruiters move applicants quickly and easily through the intuitive workflow.

Is your company already on the DriverReach network?

DriverReach is pre-loaded with thousands of DOT-authorized companies, making it super-easy for you to join…and giving drivers instant ability to “match” with you.

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Free to join and try for 30 days. No credit card required.
Start getting matched with CDL drivers in minutes.

Frequent questions from companies

As a company, are there any requirements to join?
Yes, you must be a company that recruits and hires CDL drivers.

How does DriverReach help my company?
Like many companies, you may be struggling to find qualified CDL drivers. DriverReach helps you connect with qualified drivers through an intelligent matching system. Then our best of breed applicant tracking tools help streamline your recruiting and hiring process, so you can boost your “speed to hire” and win those new recruits.

Do drivers fill out a complete DOT application?
Yes. We created a beautiful, mobile-friendly DOT-compliant online application that drivers love. It’s simple to fill out and easy to update anytime. As a company member, you get your own unique application link that you can post on your website, in job ads, etc., so you can collect applications from anywhere.

What if I already have an applicant tracking system?
No problem! While we think we have a compelling solution, we’re not necessarily looking to replace your existing system. In fact, we built DriverReach so that you can use it alongside your existing tools. DriverReach simply becomes another source for qualified CDL drivers applicants.

How much does it cost my company to join?
You can join and try out DriverReach at absolutely no cost for 30 days! Once your free trial ends, simply select a membership plan that makes sense for your company, or choose to do nothing. If you don’t choose a plan, you still have access to any of your existing driver applications, with limited functionality. Upgrade and downgrade as you wish. No hidden costs. No technical investment. No long term contracts.

How will I know when an applicant sends me an application?
Along with a notification on your DriverReach Dashboard, you’ll receive an email each time a new applicant sends you his/her application.

Try it yourself.
Enjoy free membership for a full 30 days!

Yes, I want to try it for 30 days

No credit card required.
Get set up and matched with CDL drivers in minutes.

I am a CDL driver

Discover your matches and land your next job with DriverReach

DOT Application

Stop filling out long, time-sucking DOT applications for each job. Complete one beautiful, mobile-friendly app and be done with it.


Get automatically matched with companies looking for your experience, skills and job preferences. Stop combing through endless job ads.

Click Apply

Privately send your completed DOT application to matched companies with one-click. You control where to send your application.

I want to see my matches

Always 100% free for drivers

How it works

Become a member – 100% free for drivers
Once you join, fill out our mobile-friendly DOT application ONE time and answer a few questions about the type of job you want.

Discover your matches
Get matched with companies needing drivers with your skills, experience and job preferences, from thousands of private and for-hire carriers.

Pick and choose
From your matches, you decide which companies are a good fit and apply instantly with one click.

You control who contacts you
You decide where to send your application and only those companies can contact you, so no unwelcome messages from random recruiters.

Land your next job
Companies that receive your application and wish to take the next step contact you directly to start the screening process.

DriverReach Membership Network

Chaz Lancaster testimonial“What I love most about the DriverReach app is the simplicity of it. They send you what is needed, you confirm the details and sign with your touchscreen smartphone!”Chaz Lancaster | CDL Driver | Louisville, KY

Frequent questions from drivers

As a driver, are there any requirements to join?
Just one! You must hold a current CDL license.

How does DriverReach help me?
Let’s face it, looking for a new job stinks. Scanning job boards until your eyes are blurry. Filling out endless applications. DriverReach fixes all that. Complete our easy, mobile-friendly DOT application just ONCE. You’re then matched with companies looking for your skills and experience, and can send your application with one click. You decide which matching companies get your application, so you’re in full control.

Can companies search and find me on DriverReach?
No. We built DriverReach so drivers are in full control. You view your matches and connect with the companies you want, based on what you believe is a good fit. You will not be contacted by companies through DriverReach unless you choose to connect with them.

What if I need to update my DOT application?
No problem! Your DOT application is available to update at any time.

Will my boss know I’m looking for another job on DriverReach?
DriverReach is completely private. You send your DOT application only to the matching companies you wish. Companies are unable to search for you or see your status on DriverReach.

How much does this cost me?
Not a dime. As a driver, your membership is always 100% free.

Thousands of companies are already on the DriverReach network, so there’s no shortage of possible matches to instantly send your application.

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Always 100% free for drivers

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