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Fill out our mobile-friendly DOT application ONE time. Take your time, stop and start as needed. Your information is saved and you quickly pick up where you left off.

Apply to jobs instantly
When you’re searching for a new job, use your completed application to instantly apply to jobs with companies that use DriverReach. The company receives your application and begins their qualification process without delay.

Easy updates
Access your DriverReach application at anytime to make updates and add information as your situation changes. Quickly add new employers, update your CDL license or whatever new changes you need to make.

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Always 100% free for truck drivers

Chaz Lancaster testimonial“What I love most about the DriverReach app is the simplicity of it. They send you what is needed, you confirm the details and sign with your touchscreen smartphone!”Chaz Lancaster | CDL Driver | Louisville, KY

Frequent questions from drivers

How does DriverReach help me?
With DriverReach, you complete a simple, mobile-friendly DOT application just ONCE. You can then use that application to later apply at companies that use the DriverReach system. This saves you a ton of time and makes your job search easier.

Can companies search and find me on DriverReach?
No. With DriverReach, you’re in full control. Recruiters can’t search for you on DriverReach or contact you unless you apply to them specifically with your DriverReach application.

What if I need to update my DOT application?
No problem! Your DOT application is available to update at any time.

How much does this cost me?
Not a dime. As a driver, your membership is always 100% free.

You never know when your next job search will come. Be ready by completing your mobile-friendly DOT application today.

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Always 100% free for truck drivers

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