Employment verification with VOE Plus

Say goodbye to those pesky previous employment verification requests…and actually earn money at the same time with DriverReach VOE Plus!

Are you tired of responding to emails, faxes and phone calls from prospective employers trying to get past employment verification information?

CDL employment verification

With DriverReach VOE Plus, you can deflect all inbound previous employment requests to us – and make money doing it!

100% No Cost…And Earn Money For Your Records

We provide the free platform to handle all the requests. Plus, every time you enter a termination record, you receive a $5 credit.

On top of that, every time that record is purchased by a prospective employer, you receive an additional $1.

You Earn
For Each Termination Record
Each Time The Record is Purchased

The system is available 24/7, so your work history records are generating money for your company day and night. And you are free of the constant burden of responding to requests.

It’s truly a no-brainer…even if you aren’t using DriverReach’s other features (mobile-optimized DOT application, Applicant Tracking System, CRM, and more), you should still take advantage of VOE Plus.

Employment verification without the hassle

Getting started with VOE Plus is easy and it eliminates the constant interruptions to your work day!

  1. Enter the past work history for all of your previous CDL truck drivers. You can do this one by one, or as a batch import.
  2. When other companies request work history for your drivers, simply direct them to the DriverReach VOE Plus portal at http://voe.plus
  3. The company looks up the driver then purchases and downloads the desired employment records, all in a matter of minutes.
Example Report
Want to see what a VOE Plus report looks like? View example report here

Once you enter a driver’s work history in DriverReach, that record is available ANY TIME in the VOE Plus system for prospective employers – with absolutely no effort, time or cost on your part.

Let’s look at each of the 3 steps above in detail.

Enter past work history

First, you enter the past work history for your previous CDL truck drivers.

Here’s a quick video to show you how:

Direct requesting companies to VOE Plus

Second, when companies contact you for employment verfications, simply direct them to the DriverReach VOE Plus website at http://voe.plus

Feel free to use our ready-made templates to get started:

Fax Template
Fax an instruction sheet back to the requestor with their original fax.

Download PDF Template

Email Template
Email instructions back to the requestor.

Download Text File

Website Instructions
Place a message and link to VOE Plus on your company website.

Download PDF Template

Here are a few other ways to direct companies to VOE Plus:

  • Mention VOE Plus and the web link in your company’s phone system hold announcements or as a phone tree option
  • Add a brief message and link to VOE Plus in a prominent position on your company Facebook and LinkedIn pages
  • Instruct your company receptionists and other call takers to direct employment verification requests to “voe.plus” in their web browser

Companies purchase your VOE records

Finally, you earn money when requesting companies purchase your truck driver history records through VOE Plus.

Here’s a quick video of how that looks:

As you can see, EACH and EVERY TIME your driver history records are purchased, you earn a $1 credit.

The credits you earn with VOE Plus are redeemable for other DriverReach services, such as employment verification records and paid membership plans.

This means that the credits you earn when others request your driver records can be applied directly to your own VOE requests.

So depending on the number of driver history records you add to VOE Plus, you may never need to purchase another driver VOE through DriverReach again. This alone could save you thousands in annual VOE costs!

Are you ready to say goodbye to verification headaches?

There’s really no easier, better and profitable way to manage your previous employment verification requests.

It’s all ready for you to enjoy right now.

If you’re a current DriverReach member, start entering your driver work history right away – just click the Driver history link in your left navigation menu.

And if you’re new to DriverReach, simply sign up for free to get started. You get access to all the features of DriverReach, including the VOE Plus service.

Join today. 100% free.
Say goodbye to those pesky employment verification requests forever. Join for free, no credit card required.
Start getting paid for your driver records

Don’t wait, get started today and stop the endless cycle of manually responding to verification requests.

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