We'll pay you to quit doing busy work.

With VOE Plus from DriverReach, you enter a driver's history one time, and never again. You earn cash when other employers buy a copy of the record. Here's what to do: 

  • Create a DriverReach account
  • Redirect your VOE requests to http://VOE.plus
  • Collect your cash when others buy that VOE record


Buying a record with VOE.plus.

Nothing slows down your speed-to-hire like the previous employment verification process. With VOE.plus, if the driver's record is in our database, you can buy it immediately. If not, you can request it and we reward the responder for a fast reply.

  • Go to http://VOE.plus
  • Enter the driver's Social Security number
  • Buy the record or submit a request

VOE.plus is for everyone

You don't have to be a DriverReach customer to earn money for your VOEs with VOE.plus. 

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