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Driver Retention: Why Your Drivers Aren't Sticking Around - and What to Do About It

Ever wonder why drivers leave your company? Could your driver communication strategy be improved? When was the last time you asked your drivers for unscripted feedback? 

No matter how high your company’s driver turnover rates are, even a small improvement can dramatically (and positively) impact your bottom line. Gathering feedback directly from drivers is a foundational step for companies looking to improve their retention rate, but all too often it’s an afterthought. In collaboration with Workhound, this ebook shares tactics that will help you reverse the trend and intervene before your drivers move on. 

In this ebook, Driver Retention: Why Your Drivers Aren’t Sticking Around – and What to Do About It, we breakdown: Ebook_DriverRetention

  • The most common reasons CDL drivers leave
  • How to create a real-time feedback loop 
  • Ideas for how to structure retention initiatives within your organization


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