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Recruiting From a Driver's Perspective: How to Make an Impact

In the world of recruiting, there are some things that never change: timeliness is imperative, technology is almost always the answer, and everything (within reason) should serve to create a better experience for the driver.

This super practical guide outlines some ways your team can truly reform your recruiting process from a driver’s perspective to increase applicants and make a clear impact on your company’s bottom line.

This guide explores tactical topics such as why your team should…
  • Stick to the must-know facts.
  • Create a mobile-optimized application that can be completed on a mobile device.
  • Leverage text and video calls instead of just traditional phone calls.
  • Be transparent about your culture and turnover history.
  • Save and compile applicant answers from step to step.

Ready to learn more? Download your free guide and learn how your company can create a better experience for your applicants by recruiting CDL drivers from their perspective!  



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