Streamline Your Verification of Employment Process for 2023

The FMCSA requires previous employment verification of the most recent 3 years for all CDL Drivers. Historically, conducting these checks has been a manual, time-consuming process.

That's where VOE+ comes in. Our nation-wide database of CDL driver previous employment records makes VOE information available at the click of a button. It's a simple and modern solution designed to immediately increase your speed-to-hire and alleviate the burden of ensuring compliant employment checks.

Whether you'd like to reduce administrative burdens or access our driver employment database, VOE+ is the robust solution you've been looking for.

New! Save time and money with VOE+ Unlimited. Now you can gain unlimited access to previous employment records in VOE+ for one low monthly price. We'd love to help you decide whether this subscription plan is the right fit for your team.

Save time and money with VOE+





Redirect Employment Requests

Fill out a driver record once and never have to touch it again. Get paid each time a prospective employer purchases your records.

Enter a driver employment record

Enter a driver employment record

Start by entering your fleet's record of the driver's employment history.

Redirect requests

Redirect requests

Use our email and fax templates to redirect any previous employment inquiries to VOE+.

Get paid

Get paid

Generate cash while saving everyone time in an otherwise painstaking process. Win-Win-Win.
* Revenue Share Agreement required