Employment Verification Service

An Employment Verification report includes company name and phone number, dates of employment, type of vehicle driven, accident history and drug and alcohol information. VOE Plus provides this information via the following two methods:

  1. VOE Plus provides the electronic platform from which an employer can submit request to verify past employment on a driver applicant. Employment Verification Requests are initiated electronically by the requesting hiring company directly to a driver applicant's previous employer. The previous employer receives the request via email and is invited to access a secure link to upload the past employee's employment history. Our database is programmed to recognize obvious discrepancies with dates (eg. future dates, start/end dates that conflict, dates that conflict with what is on the application).   
  2. VOE Plus also provides a database of already verified and vetted driver employment history for driver applicants which an employer may purchase. Prospective employers may query the database using their driver applicant's name and social security number to determine if there are driver records available. Also, DriverReach applicant tracking users will see an indicator on the driver application that a prior employment record already exists which the prospective employer may purchase. 

Verification Report Sample

You may click here for a sample of a verification of employment report and an explanation of the data contained on the report. 

Report Help

For assistance with the employment verification service or report, you may contact DriverReach Customer Service at 800-791-0461.