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If you're searching for an alternative to your existing Applicant Tracking System(ATS), you're likely looking for software for recruiting drivers that helps your team work smarter, not harder.

Maybe you're frustrated with your current vendor's reports (which are inflexible) or their lack of side-by-side views (which means you're constantly jumping from one page to another trying to piece together a driver file). Or maybe you don't like that they're letting your competition market to and pay to communicate directly with your drivers!

Whatever your reason, you're here because you know a great alternative must be on the market. As the leading modern driver recruiting and compliance platform, we don't expect you to take our word for it. Just look at one of our reviews on Google:

We moved to DriverReach in 2018.

The annualized cost savings realized by the move to DriverReach was in excess of $22,000.  Our entire driver database was imported into DriverReach easily, quickly and with no data loss.

We were able to reduce outsourced recruiting costs by 60%, while increasing hires on a lower advertising spend. It does not get any better than that.

The dashboard was designed with the recruiter in mind. You don't have to have a degree in computer science to use DriverReach. Even the less tech-savvy recruiters could easily work in the DriverReach system immediately after DriverReach's thorough online training. Everyone at DriverReach is knowledgeable, responsive, and customer-focused.

In my opinion, DriverReach has the best driver recruiting ATS on the market.

-John Phillips, DriverReach Customer

There are several driver recruiter application tracking systems (ATS) on the market.   And you might be asking yourself which one to choose. We're happy to help--in fact, we're known in the trucking industry as a leading industry advocate, so we want to ensure you find the right platform for your team, even if it's not ours!

That's why we compiled these top questions to consider about your needs and priorities as you consider the alternatives to your existing applicant tracking system that are available today:

Does your driver experience matter?

If you're looking to fill seats with anyone who can fog a mirror, the experience doesn't matter. If, on the other hand, you're looking to recruit and retain qualified CDL drivers, you already know you have a lot of competition. There's only a limited pool of qualified drivers out there. According to current licenses, there are only 2 million active CDL drivers in the US — something to think about when considering other applicant tracking systems.

One of the things DriverReach is especially proud of is how we prioritize driver experience throughout the entire lifecycle. We've built the process to make applying to your carrier easy for drivers (which is why we pioneered concepts like Magic Links and autofill). Just as important, we want every single driver you hire to be able to keep their licenses, DOT physical records and other documentation up-to-date with simple uploads from their phone.

Fundamentally, our approach sets us apart, but don't just take our word for it. Book a demo and see for yourself.

Does your driver recruiter experience matter?

Change is hard--and sometimes, that means that if you're asking your driver recruiters to leave one ATS platform for another, there can be a temporary decline in productivity. But that's no reason to be stuck with a platform that's making their day-to-day work harder or causing 60% turnover within the first 90 days (a very real experience one of our customers faced when their driver recruiters were using another ATS).

One of the biggest pieces of feedback we get is how much more intuitive our platform is than our competition. That's because we melded our founder's background in driver recruiting with a team of skilled software experts who truly understand all aspects of user experience. As a result, our modern platform is quick to learn, easy to adopt, and will streamline every step of your recruiting process.

It's one of the reasons our customers are consistently happy they made the switch.

When you compare DriverReach to other applicant tracking systems, it's clear that prioritizing both the driver experience and the recruiter experience matters. After all, it's what enables your team to create big recruiting wins.

Here's a snapshot of just some of what will be available to your recruiters to support their day-to-day attracting and hiring drivers:


Plan Inclusions 11-22



Do you want to ensure your driver recruiters can take immediate action every time a new application comes through?

We believe it's absolutely fundamental that a recruiter can immediately take action on every single driver application that comes through the system. That's why we make it easy for recruiters to reach out to every driver applicant with easy-to-deploy auto responders, SMS campaigns, and drip campaigns. So whether your driver leads prefer to hear from your team via phone, email, or text, we've got you covered.

DriverReach took the stance that the ATS should function equally as a customer relationship management (CRM) tool because we believe that treating every single driver lead as your top customer is the way to win drivers' hearts and minds to fill your seats--and keep them filled.

Competitor platforms aren't built with this "driver as customer" philosophy in mind. That's because they see an application as nothing more than a number, and it’s not about the person completing that application. Our philosophy, in contrast, results in a much better experience for drivers and recruiters alike.

Do you want to ensure other carriers aren't marketing to your drivers once you've hired them?

Let's tackle the elephant in the room, especially if you're considering or currently using another ATS. It's a poorly kept "secret" at this point: when your driver is in other job apps, they're getting marketed to by other companies. Some ATS vendors gets paid every time a driver switches fleets--pitting their profits against your best interests. 😱

This means that throughout the recruiting process, other ATS vendors continue to try and lure drivers out of your funnel and into competitors’ arms. Worse, it means that even once you’ve hired a driver, they’re being targeted by other carriers.

We're entirely different. Your drivers are your drivers. Period. That means when a driver completes the hiring process with you, we won't try to lure them to another carrier sneakily.

This leads to stronger retention rates with the DriverReach ATS. In fact, if we can improve your driver churn by helping you retain just three drivers in a year, you'll see significant savings with us versus the competition.

Driver Turnover Cost Dilemma


Do you want to be able to compile driver compliance records with a few clicks?

When you can get safety and compliance aligned with recruiting, your entire organization can work together, leading to a better experience for everyone--applicants and internal teams alike.

One of our customers' favorite features in the DriverReach ATS is the ability to see, at a glance, which drivers' CDLs or physicals are expiring soon. Throughout the process, our platform gives you visibility into what's happening next and what has already happened--and that can help you prepare should you ever face a DOT audit. In addition, driver files are complete and easily exportable, which can help keep you in compliance and give you peace of mind.

Are you ready to see these tools for yourself? Book a demo.

Do you want to keep all driver documentation in one place--whether it's something they filled out in the app, or something they emailed you?

One of the best ways to streamline your driver experience is to encourage them to share their information in whatever way is most convenient to them. Not every driver is a big fan of technology, and many of them don’t have access to desktop computers.

That means you need a system that doesn't care whether an app is completed over the phone, on a mobile device, or even on paper and faxed in. It's why we've built a system that will keep track of--and give you visibility to--every piece of paper, every record, and even every partially-complete application related to an individual driver record.

In short, it means a streamlined, intuitive modern ATS built for driver recruiters. See for yourself how DriverReach brings this modern experience to the driver recruiting process.

Do you have other driver lifecycle systems to integrate with?

Our competition isn't exactly known for "playing nice" with other platforms. Meanwhile, DriverReach has always made it a top priority to enable you to keep the systems you love (with easy-to-use webhooks and APIs) while streamlining your overall experience.

Unlike our competitors, DriverReach has chosen to focus deeply on the recruiter/driver relationship, which means partnering with best-in-class solutions to related areas like safety (where our partnership with companies like Idelic help us serve our customers exceptionally well).

If you've been to any industry event, you have seen for yourself exactly how well-regarded DriverReach is compared to the competition. We're known for our generous involvement in industry causes, overall trucking industry advocacy, and ongoing support for companies that share our space. We genuinely believe collaborating is what makes for the best experience for fleets, drivers, and everyone in the trucking industry.

Do you want a personalized onboarding experience with a dedicated customer service manager?

When you sign up with DriverReach, you'll go through a process to get your entire team up to speed efficiently and effectively. We'll walk you through exactly what works for our customers to be the most effective recruiting, retention and safety teams in the trucking industry.

We're constantly collecting best practices on using tools like SMS--and we generously share all that we've learned with customers in the Knowledge Base and in these onboarding meetings. What's more, our customer team is just a phone call or email away--our support is hands-down best-in-class. Compare that to our competitors, whose service is notoriously difficult to reach (some of our customers who've made the switch report waiting weeks for replies!👎).

Do you want to be part of a responsive community of users who are continually helping improve the platform?

One of our favorite things about the DriverReach team is how focused every single one of us is on continually improving the experience for our customers--and for the recruiters and drivers on their teams. If you're someone who likes to shorten the learning process and learn from experts, you'll find lots of support in our regular webinars, our ongoing Product Empowerment Series, and our growing Knowledge Base.

What's more, you'll find support is always receptive to your questions and feedback, and our engineering team listens and prioritizes new projects based on customer input. We won't claim to be as fast as we'd like--we're super ambitious and there's always more to do--but we can genuinely say that the platform continues to improve year after year.

If you've been considering an ATS or currently using a competitive offering,  we're confident you will not find a group as dedicated-to-improvement as the DriverReach community.

But, seriously, don't take our (or even our customers') word for it: sign up for a free demo and see for yourself. 

Request a live demo and see how DriverReach compares to other applicant tracking and compliance systems.

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We got our FIRST HIRE IN 3 DAYS!

Fantastic software and support! Mission Petroleum Carriers switched to DriverReach after comparing several options. We were using a combination of a custom web application and lots of manual labor, emails and phone calls.

DriverReach delivered on their promise of ease of use and integrating with several job boards we were using. After the implementation and training, we signed up our first hire in 3 days.

-Shane Petty, DriverReach Customer

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