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DriverReach Software - Reporting

VOE Plus is a secure database of CDL driver previous employment records.

Access VOE Records

Tired of chasing down records?
VOE Plus saves you time.

Nothing slows down your speed-to-hire like the employment verification process. Instead of using archaic solutions and waiting for responses from previous employers, recruiters using VOE Plus can find complete driver records in a few clicks.

Start Accessing Records

With VOE Plus you can easily search for a driver using their Social Security Number.
When you access the record, you will have the ability to print the report or store it as a .pdf in your DriverReach account.
VOE-Search-for-a-driver VOE-plus-access-the-record

Redirect VOE Requests

Tired of constantly responding
to employment requests?

When other recruiters reach out to verify employment history, responding is clunky and time-consuming. With VOE Plus, you’ll fill out a driver record once and then never have to touch it again. Even better, you get paid each time a prospective employer purchases your records.

Start Redirecting Records

Entering a driver's employment record, either previous or current, will populate the VOE Plus database.
Use the available email and fax templates to redirect previous employment inquiries to VOE Plus.
Generate cash while saving everyone time in an otherwise painstaking process. Win-Win-Win.
VOE-Plus-Fill-out-a-driver-record VOE-Plus-redirect-records VOE-Get-Paid

Integrations and Partners

These solutions are some of the best in the industry and work great with our software.

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