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Efficiency, Growth, and Savings: Nussbaum's Comprehensive Success with DriverReach

Since its inception, Nussbaum Transportation has set the pace in the trucking industry with its comprehensive services across the United States. Their collaboration with DriverReach marked a transformative step in refining their driver recruitment process. This case study showcases Nussbaum's transition from an outdated applicant tracking system to achieving remarkable efficiency and cost savings in hiring, leveraging DriverReach’s innovative features. Discover how they slashed advertising expenses to zero while boosting their driver workforce, streamlined recruitment, and enhanced candidate communication—significantly reducing the time-to-hire ratio and supporting fleet growth.

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Accelerating Success: HandledNow's Journey and with DriverReach

Since 2022, HandledNow has been leveraging DriverReach to transform its driver recruitment with dramatic efficiency gains and operational improvements. This case study reveals how they reduced verification times by 80%, streamlined compliance, and enhanced the driver application process, setting a new standard in the driver staffing industry. Download now to see how your company can benefit from these innovative solutions.


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From Recession to Expansion: How DriverReach Transformed Apex Transit, Resulting in 133% Growth and 70% Lower Driver Turnover

Discover the transformative journey of Apex Transit as they navigated from recession-era beginnings to extraordinary growth with DriverReach. Learn how this strategic partnership not only streamlined their operations and enhanced compliance but also led to a remarkable 133% expansion and a 70% reduction in driver turnover, making DriverReach a key catalyst in their success story.


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Revolutionizing Recruitment: Viessman Trucking's Digital Transformation Journey

Witness Viessman Trucking's remarkable transition from a paper-heavy and time-consuming recruitment process to a digital, seamless, and highly efficient system. As a seasoned food-grade bulk hauler with over 60 years of expertise, Viessman recognized the need to modernize their hiring practices while maintaining their commitment to safety and quality. Discover how the implementation of DriverReach not only streamlined their recruitment and onboarding but also enabled them to sustain impressive retention rates and onboard 30 new drivers in just two months. Dive into the story of Viessman Trucking's remarkable journey toward digitization, innovation, and unparalleled success in our downloadable case study.


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R.E. Garrison Sees 100% Hiring Increase in 3 Months
With DriverReach

When mid-sized carrier R.E. Garrison realized that their efforts were ultimately going towards remarketing their leads to competitors, they saw an opportunity to reconsider their ATS provider. Between the endorsement from trusted partners, a captivating demo, and the range of integrations, they found a new solution to fuse their current processes with an upgrade in functionality: DriverReach. With our platform, they were able to see immediate results — like a 100% hiring increase in just three months — while keeping their leads safe and optimizing their recruiting process.

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Large carrier corrects corrective actions - no more snail mail fails

With over 750 trucks, this fleet transports mail throughout the southeast. Running into issues with safety-related paperwork, though, they'd gotten bogged down in out-dated systems. With our e-doc solution, their paperwork can be instantly sent to drivers-securely--a huge efficiency win.

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Safety-first tanker company eliminates paper-based risk, doubles their fleet

Safety-first carrier specializing in bulk transport doubles their fleet by automating their processes. Automatic notifications for things like when a driver's CDL is expiring means the team can stay focused on attracting new drivers, instead of paperwork minutiae like keeping driver safety records up to date.

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Family business stops selling off trucks, starts recruiting 15 drivers per quarter

A great working environment, and high driver-retention had kept this customer's trucks on the road. Hamstrung by manual recruiting processes, driver leads fell through the cracks. 

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Calhoun Truck Lines Relies On The DriverReach Platform As Its Single Source of Truth for Driver Recruiting

Siloed driver recruiting operation stood in the way of sufficient communication between teams and managing driver applicants. Calhoun Truck Lines selected DriverReach as a replacement for its existing CDL trucker recruiting management tool and now uses the platform as a complete repository for all handling and operations of current and prospective drivers. Today, Calhoun Truck Lines leverages DriverReach for cross-department communication and operations. The DriverReach platform serves as Calhoun’s single source of truth for all truck driver communication, including texts, phone calls, emails, follow-up notes, and more.

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Sutton Trucking Doubles Down on Truck Driver Applicant Experience and Sees Immediate Impact

In March 2019, Sam Thudium joined Sutton Trucking as the Director of Recruiting. Prior to Sam joining the team, Sutton didn't have an applicant tracking system (ATS) or candidate relationship management (CRM) tool in place. They struggled to keep all trucker recruiting data and driver conversations on track. Recruiters couldn’t stay in touch with CDL applicants, potential driver hires were going dark, and critical details were being lost in the process. Now, with DriverReach as Sutton’s recruiting and compliance management platform, Sam and his team have reduced spending and improved driver retention – all while keeping trucks operating at 100% capacity. 

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