Hiring Drivers Less Likely to Churn = Big Savings

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Many trucking companies have relied on the convenience of driver databases offered by some recruiting software vendors without realizing the hidden costs of the convenience. While access to a vast database of drivers may seem to ease the hiring process, it also results in higher driver churn and a continuous cycle of replacing drivers, resulting in higher costs.

Recruiting software providers often offer free access to this pool of applicants but require you to share your driver data, exposing your drivers to recruitment by competing companies. While access to the database is free, you are charged when a driver applies.

Think about it: if access to the database requires you to share your driver data and they charge a fee whenever a driver applies, they must want your drivers to churn.

With DriverReach, you never have to worry about that; we will never share or resell your driver data. What if you could reduce churn by hiring better drivers? Drivers hired on our platform stick around 60% longer than drivers sourced through applicant databases.  

With driver churn rates averaging 91%, a 10% reduction will yield significant savings.  Try our calculator to see how much money you could be saving.  

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Reducing Churn Through Better Hires with DriverReach

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DriverReach automates and accelerates your recruitment process so you can attract and hire the best drivers and fill those empty seats quickly.

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