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Welcome to the Taking the Hire Road Podcast, a DriverReach and FreightWaves production. On this weekly show, airing every Thursday, host Jeremy Reymer, Founder and CEO of DriverReach, interviews industry experts and thought leaders who bring their insight to the driver lifecycle as they discuss the industry’s greatest challenges: driver recruiting and retention.

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Taking the Hire Road - Travis Overton and Charles Gracey

Episode 79 | Retention Begins at Recruitment with CDLLife

Featuring Travis Overton, President and Owner of CDLLife, and Charles Gracey, President of Hot Seat Services.

Taking the Hire Road - Jeremy Reymer and Leah Shaver

Episode 78 | DriverReach Aids Trucking Companies With Critical Tasks

Featuring Leah Shaver, President and CEO of the National Transportation Institute

Taking the Hire Road - Jeremy Reymer and Nick Hillesheim

Episode 77 | Leveraging Legal Benefits to Recruit and Retain

Featuring Nick Hillesheim, Chief Sales Officer at TVC Pro-Driver

Taking the Hire Road - Jeremy Reymer and Jon Routledge

Episode 76 | Improving Driver Performance with Bestpass

Featuring Jon Routledge, VP and GM of Consumer Services at Bestpass

Taking the Hire Road - Jeremy Reymer and Steve Bryan

Episode 75 | Preventing Nuclear Verdicts with Bluewire

Featuring Steve Bryan, CEO of Bluewire

Taking the Hire Road - Alex Leslie

Episode 74 | Integrating Younger Adults Into Trucking Careers

Featuring Alex Leslie, Research Analyst with the American Transportation Research Institute

Taking the Hire Road - Leah Shaver and Career Now Brands

Episode 73 | Recruiting Today and Tomorrow with Career Now Brands

Featuring Leah Shaver, President and CEO of the National Transportation Institute, and Craig Jablonski and Ben Onnie, Co-Founders of Career Now Brands

Taking the Hire Road - Leah Shaver and Avery Vise

Episode 72 | Should Recruiters Pull Back in this Freight Economy?

Featuring guest host Leah Shaver, President and CEO of the National Transportation Institute, and Avery Vise, Vice President of Trucking at FTR

Taking the Hire Road - Leah Shaver and Erin Bergman

Episode 71 | Turning Driving Jobs Into Destination Careers at Walmart

Featuring guest host Leah Shaver, President and CEO of the National Transportation Institute, and Erin Bergman, Senior Manager of Supply Chain Talent Acquisition at Walmart

Taking the Hire Road - Wendy B and Jeremy May

Episode 70 | Marketing Mix to Attract the Right Drivers

Featuring guest host Wendy Bartz, VP of Customer Experience at DriverReach, and Jeremy May, Vice President of Client Services at Ramsey MediaWorks

Taking the Hire Road - Leah Shaver

Episode 69 | The Forces At Play Behind Driver Wages

Featuring Leah Shaver, President and CEO of the National Transportation Institute

Attract Younger CDL Drivers: Training in Trucking

Episode 68 | Training the Next Generation in Trucking

Featuring Lindsey Trent, President and Co-Founder of the Next Generation in Trucking Association

THR Episode 67 Graphic

Episode 67 | Industry in Training

Featuring Tim Chrulski, Chief Operating Officer at Garner Trucking

THR Episode 66 Graphic

Episode 66 | Retention Through Training and Onboarding

Featuring Jay Wommack, Founder and CEO of the Vertical Alliance Group

THR Episode 65 Graphic

Episode 65 | Building Driver Loyalty and Engagement

Featuring Amanda Schuier, Director of Employee Engagement at Jetco Delivery

THR Episode 64 Graphic

Episode 64 | Improving Carriers’ Cash Flow with Branch

Featuring Atif Siddiqi, founder and CEO of Branch

THR Episode 63 Graphic

Episode 63 | Veterans and Apprenticeships with Fastport

Featuring Dave Harrison, Military Veteran and Executive Director for Workforce Development, Government Programs and Military Employment Issues at Fastport

THR Episode 62 Graphic

Episode 62 | CDLLife Summit: Improve Your Branding and Advertising

Featuring Travis Overton, President and Owner of CDLLife

THR Episode 61 Graphic

Episode 61 | Where Recruiting Meets Compliance

Featuring Brandon Wiseman, Founder and President of Trucksafe Consulting

THR Episode 60 Graphic

Episode 60 | Managing Toll with BestPass

Featuring Tom Fogarty, CEO of BestPass

THR Episode 59 Graphic

Episode 59 | Engaging with Higher-Quality Driver Leads

Featuring Jackie McManus, Founder and CEO of KJ Media

THR Episode 58 Graphic

Episode 58 | Leveraging Technology to Improve the Driver-Life-Cycle

Featuring Chris Gulker and Bill Zenk, Principals and Practice Leaders at TrueNorth Companies, L.C.

THR - Hayden Cardiff

Episode 57 | Retention Through Safety with Idelic

Featuring Hayden Cardiff, Founder and Chief Innovation Officer at Idelic

Episode 56 | Improving Recruitment of Female Drivers

Featuring guest host Wendy Bartz, VP of Customer Experience at DriverReach, and Kellylynn McLaughlin, Driver Ambassador for the Women in Trucking Association


Episode 55 | Insights and Challenges in Driver Marketing

Featuring guest host Wendy Bartz, VP of Customer Experience at DriverReach, and Ron Yazetti, Senior Director of Sales at Work4


Episode 54 | Telematics of Retention

Featuring Tim Smith, Co-Founder of Pivitol Retention


Episode 53 | Retention is the New Recruiting

Featuring Max Farrell, Founder of WorkHound


Episode 52 | Combating Human Trafficking

Featuring Louie Greek, Coalition Build Specialist for Truckers Against Trafficking (TAT)


Episode 51 | Curbing Driver Distraction

Featuring Corey Woinarowicz, Chief Revenue Officer at Nocell Technologies

THR - Mark Manera

Episode 50 | Helping Drivers Stay Healthy

Featuring Mark Manera, Founder of The Trucking Fitness Co.


Episode 49 | The Power of Building Community in Trucking

Featuring Lori Furnell, president of Truck Drivers USA


Episode 48 | Solving for Driver Capacity with

Featuring Timothy Henry, CEO and co-founder of Haul


Episode 47 | We Love Truckers!

Featuring The National Transportation Institute’s, Leah Shaver


Episode 46 | Willing to Play the Long Game

Featuring Beth Potratz, founder, president and CEO of Drive My Way


Episode 45 | Leading from the Front

Featuring trucking company owner and Texas House candidate Adam Blanchard


Episode 44 | Leveraging Technology, Expertise for Better Driver Matches

Featuring Natasha Hammack of Wright Media


Episode 43 | Providing a Bright Future for Industry's Women, Young Drivers

Featuring immediate Past ATA Chair, Sherri Garner Brumbaugh


Episode 42 | Leadership in Challenging Times

Featuring Page Siplon, CEO of TeamOne Logistics


Episode 41 | Driver Shortage Again No. 1 Concern

Featuring The American Transportation Research Institute’s, Rebecca Brewster


Episode 40 | Process Plus Culture Equals Growth

Featuring Driver Recruiting Expert David McBride of Lazer Spot

TTHR_Peter Schneider

Episode 39 | LA/Long Beach Congestion: What’s the real cause?

Featuring Peter Schneider, President of T.G.S. Logistics


Episode 38 | Autonomous Vehicles and the Truck Driver Workforce

Featuring Don Lefeve of Robotic Research


Episode 37 | Hard Data on How the Pandemic Has Reshaped Driver Recruiting

Featuring Justin Reed, HireRight


Episode 36 | Keeping Drivers in the Green Zone

Featuring Adam Kahn, president of the commercial fleet team at Netradyne


Episode 35 | The Economics of Trucking During a Pandemic

Featuring Bob Costello, Chief Economist and SVP at the American Trucking Association


Episode 34 | From Driver Wellness to Recruiter Fatigue

Featuring Jessie Burnette, Chief People Officer at Hirschbach


Episode 33 | 40 years of Driver Retention Evolution

Featuring Ray Haight, a retention coach with and former chairman of the Truckload Carriers Association


Episode 32 | Peering into the future with U.S. Xpress

Featuring Dustin Koehl, Senior Vice President of Sales at U.S. Xpress


Episode 31 | The Tentacles of Tanker Trucking’s Driver Shortage

Featuring Ryan Streblow, president and CEO of National Tank Truck Carriers


Episode 30 | Tips for Recruiting Drivers and Driver Recruiters

Featuring Josh Mecca of American Central Transport


Episode 29 | Leveraging Driver Choice to Recruit, Retain and Produce

Featuring Peter Covach of Trimble


Episode 28 | Eye on the Future with Truckin U

Featuring Anna Faford, VP of strategy for C&K Trucking


Episode 27 | Image and Culture with Load One

Featuring John Elliott, CEO of LoadOne

THR - TruckPark

Episode 26 | TruckPark: Solving Drivers’ No. 1 Concern

Featuring Anthony Petitte, founder and CEO of TruckPark


Episode 25 | A Third-Party Solution to Driver Recruiting

Right Turn is a “shot in the arm” for trucking companies, providing some of their best leads.


Episode 24 | Modern Recruiting in a Driver Shortage

Featuring Wendy Bartz, DriverReach Director of Sales and Services


Episode 23 | Piecing Together the Driver Shortage Puzzle

Featuring Dennis Cooke, President and CEO of TransForce Group


Episode 22 | Reputation Management with Bluewire

Featuring Bluewire CEO, Steve Bryan


Episode 21 | Autonomous Future of CDL Drivers with TuSimple

Featuring Jim Mullen, Chief Administrative and Legal Officer of TuSimple


Episode 20 | Navigating the Future of Recruiting

Featuring CDLLife President and Owner, Travis Overton


Episode 19 | Adapting to the Evolution of Recruiting

Featuring Priscilla Peters of the Conversion Interactive Agency


Episode 18 | Seizing the moment with TCA’s chairman

Featuring Jim Ward, president and CEO of D.M. Bowman and chairman of the Truckload Carriers Association (TCA)


Episode 17 | Predicting Your Future Workforce

Featuring Mark Tinney, President & CEO of JOBehaviors

THR Rebecca Brewster

Episode 16 | Celebrating the Crossroads of Data & Research

Featuring Rebecca Brewster, President & COO of the American Transportation Research Institute

THR Dave Chesterman

Episode 15 | Light at the end of the tunnel

Featuring Dave Chesterman, Director of Recruiting for Carter Express

THR Lindsey Trent

Episode 14 | Training the Next Generation in Trucking

Featuring Lindsey Trent, the Founder of The Next Generation in Trucking Association

THR Jenny Abernathy

Episode 13 | Engaging tomorrow’s leaders in trucking

Featuring Jenny Abernathy, vice president of enterprise capacity development and driver recruiting at CRST International

THR Fielkow

Episode 12 | Retention through a culture of safety

Featuring Brian Fielkow, CEO, Jetco Delivery/Executive VP, The GTI Group

Taking the Hire Road

Episode 11 | Inspiring Leadership Towards a Greater Future

Featuring Chris Spear, president and CEO of American Trucking Associations (ATA)

THR Ellen Voie

Episode 10 | Steering more women to the trucking industry

Featuring Ellen Voie, president, CEO and founder of the Women in Trucking Association

THR John Lex

Episode 9 | A driver ambassador’s perspective

Featuring John Lex, driver ambassador with the American Trucking Associations (ATA) and professional over-the-road driver with Walmart

Screen Shot 2021-04-19 at 8.31.38 AM

Episode 8 | Driver Training & Engagement with Luma

Featuring Gina Anderson, chief executive officer of Luma Brighter Learning

THR - Chad Hendricks

Episode 7 | Recruit and retain with Brand Outcomes

Featuring Chad Hendricks, president of Brand Outcomes Inc.

Taking the Hire Road

Episode 6 | Innovative Driver Recruiting -The Maverick Way

Featuring Brad Vaughn, VP of Recruitment for Maverick Transportation

THR - Lance

Episode 5 | Methods for recruiting success with NFI

Featuring Lance Christensen, Director of Recruiting and I/C Capacity for NFI

Episode 4 | How the right pay, benefits and incentives attract drivers

Featuring Leah Shaver, President & CEO of The National Transportation Institute

Taking the Hire Road Idelic Image

Episode 3 | The Importance of Safety and Compliance for Driver Retention

Featuring Idelic founder and CEO Hayden Cardiff

Screen Shot 2021-02-02 at 7.11.40 PM

Episode 2 | Utilizing Drivers as Recruiting Assets on the Road

Featuring RocketCDL Co-Founders James Robinson & Nate Tellis

THR two shot

Episode 1 | Addressing the challenges of driver hiring and retention

Featuring Max Farrell, co-founder and CEO, at WorkHound

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As Founder and CEO of DriverReach, Jeremy is passionate and innovative in addressing today’s challenges with recruiting CDL drivers. Jeremy brings nearly 20 years of experience in the trucking industry as both a carrier and a vendor, having led a small truckload operation as well as a regional CDL driver staffing company. As a member of ATA’s Workforce Development Committee and ATRI’s Research Advisory Committee, Jeremy is devoted to solving the industry’s greatest issues. In 2016, Jeremy founded DriverReach, a modern driver recruiting and compliance management solution, to address the ongoing challenges with recruiting, qualifying, and hiring CDL drivers. Jeremy is excited to partner with FreightWaves to bring thought leadership and innovation to these topics on Taking the Hire Road Podcast, a DriverReach and FreightWaves production.


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