Mission For Manageable Compliance - Taking the Hire Road with Jeremy Reymer and Michael Precia

During this week's episode of Taking The Hire Road, Jeremy Reymer, Founder of DriverReach, engages in a discussion with industry expert Michael Precia, CEO and President of Fleetworthy Solutions, a fleet safety and risk management system. The trucking industry has a reputation for its low entry barriers, with numerous companies, regardless of their size, often starting with a single truck. While in-cab technology continuously advances, many businesses are still reliant on older systems and spreadsheets in their headquarters to manage administrative, operational, and safety functions. This reliance on outdated systems can be particularly problematic when it comes to ensuring compliance with ever-changing regulations. Fleetworthy Solutions operates at the intersection of technology and fleet safety, compliance, and risk management. In a regulatory environment that is constantly evolving, Fleetworthy assists carriers by introducing technology and staff that can function as extensions of their compliance teams, enabling them to proactively manage their safety operations. This proactive approach is essential, especially in today's context, where a reactive strategy proves ineffective when dealing with incidents leading to nuclear verdicts. As Precia explains, lawyers have developed tactics to divert attention from the fact that the person in the driver's seat is an individual striving to return home to their family and make a living, not someone with intentions to harm others. However, without proper proof of compliance management, these conversations can take a different direction. Attorneys often seek vulnerabilities in compliance, and leveraging technology to manage safety functions and bridge compliance gaps becomes crucial. Fleetworthy Solutions aspires to be a leader in assisting carriers to go beyond the minimum requirements of compliance, offering a comprehensive view of driver and vehicle compliance. Their combination of cutting-edge technology and managed services provides customers with holistic solutions. Recognizing the complexity of compliance with its many facets, Fleetworthy Solutions collaborates with vendors like DriverReach, a recruiting and compliance management system, to enhance their customers' strategies. According to Precia, when Fleetworthy brings a vendor into a customer's operations, it ensures that the vendor aligns with Fleetworthy's mission of exceeding minimum compliance standards. Remaining attuned to the dynamic landscape of the trucking industry is a priority for Fleetworthy Solutions. As electric vehicles become more prevalent, the company explores their impact on International Fuel Tax Agreement filings and fuel tax, always focusing on how these developments affect their customers. In Precia's words, "We're just trying to be in that vortex of all the things that are happening, and being ahead of it — leveraging technology when we can but never losing track of the human aspect of this industry, and I think we're positioned well to be able to respond to the changes." 


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