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"VOE+ has helped Nova Lines streamline our VOE processes in several ways. First and foremost, VOE+ provided a centralized platform for managing and automating the VOE processes, this allowed us to ensure that all the customers have access to the necessary information and documentation. Additionally, VOE+ has enabled Nova Lines to improve our Verification of Employment processes, reduce manual effort and errors, and improve visibility and control over the entire process. As a result, our company can operate more efficiently and effectively, while ensuring compliance and maintaining the highest levels of quality and customer satisfaction.

The transition from the previous employment record database to VOE+ went smoothly and was a very pleasant one for Nova Lines. I particularly appreciated how VOE+ made it easy to import our existing employment records into the new system. The data migration tool was straightforward and user-friendly, allowing us to quickly transfer our records without any loss or corruption of data. Overall, I am very impressed with VOE+ and would highly recommend it to other businesses looking for a more efficient and user-friendly solution for managing the Verification of Employment records."

- Tony Botnari, Director of Human Resources and Safety at Nova Lines


"My team loves the Applicant Stage Automation feature.  It is going well!  I am talking through areas with my team to lean on this functionality even more.” 

- Mid-sized carrier, Midwest region


"Thank you DriverReach. We hired 20 drivers last week and got the company to buy our team lunch today. You've answered our questions and concerns day and night and we look forward to the continued relationship. I'm excited for what's to come for DriverReach."  

- Chad Simmons, Driver Recruiting Manager at R.E. Garrison Trucking


"We demo-ed DriverReach a couple times before signing up two years ago, and each time, our account executive was clear: the platform wasn’t ready for us yet. I really appreciated that level of transparency and integrity! Now that we’re DriverReach customers, we’ve seen our investment pay off ten-fold."

- Amanda Glidewell, Recruiting Manager at Groendyke Transport, Inc.


"Prior to making the switch to DriverReach, we had a long-standing relationship with a different technology provider. As the challenges of recruiting became more complex, the communications between us and prospective drivers became vital. This portion became clouded and often times candidates wouldn't receive our company's message and direction, resulting in a lot of confusion. Now, thanks to DriverReach's modern platform, our internal orientation and application processes are much quicker and more efficient.” 

- Mid-sized carrier, Midwest region


"I highly recommend DriverReach because it's very user-friendly for both the employer and driver. The system is very easy to navigate and access with the click of a button. I can keep documents organized and up-to-date and can also see communication history. Some of the features that I find helpful are the built-in messaging, auto-responders, and task reminders (so I don't forget to do something)!” 

Emily Reinhart, Director of HR at Store & Haul, Inc.


"We've used DriverReach for a few months and are very pleased.  The platform is simple and intuitive.  Anytime we have a question we get a prompt reply from their customer success team.” 

-  Mid-sized carrier, Midwest region


"We moved from 10 Street to DriverReach in 2018. The annualized cost savings realized by the move to DriverReach was in excess of $22,000.  Our entire 10 Street database was imported into DriverReach easily, quickly and with no data loss. We were able to reduce field recruiting staff by 60%, while increasing hires on a lower advertising spend.  It does not get any better than than that. The dashboard was designed with the recruiter in mind. You don't have to have a degree in computer science to use DriverReach. Even the less tech-savvy recruiters were able to easily work in the DriverReach system immediately after DriverReach's thorough on-line training. Everyone at DriverReach is knowledgeable, responsive and customer focused. In my opinion, DriverReach has the best driver recruiting ATS on the market.” 

- Mid-sized carrier, Southeast region


"After having multiple issues with our background reference checking  and our ATS, we recently elected to join the DriverReach FAMILY TEAM. Anytime one changes from a long term relationship with not only one company, but two like are doing, it become stressful. I am here to state with confidence, that Rebecca and the whole DriverReach team has done everything to make this transition as smooth as possible and as stress free as possible. From talking with our sales rep. Tammy and her taking the time to make sure I did not have any unanswered questions and putting up with me for over a month while we took our time to make sure this was the right choice. To where we are today, with this being the most rewarding transformation I have done over my 20+ years of Safety and Driver Recruiting. The DriverReach Team has basically said, we need you to doing these "FEW" things, and we will do the rest. And, that is exactly what they did. If anyone is thinking of switching their ATS or just want a 2nd opinion, I and open to giving my feedback on how great this team and system are."

- Mark Theis, Safety Director at Kottke Trucking


"I'm pleased with the DriverReach experience and tech support that it provides me in the recruiting and vetting of eligible candidates!! And whenever there is a problem the tech team is hands on in helping me resolve any issues!"

- Marcus Burris, Driver Manager at Apex Transit


"Excellent company to work with. They provide a great product and are always there if you have questions or need help. I highly recommend them."

- Mid-sized carrier, Southeast region

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"Previously, information was being manually entered into different systems. Running things like motor vehicle records and criminal background checks was done by manually typing information into three different locations. Everything was by hand. DriverReach has literally cut my time in half, if not more than that. Everything is online now, and drivers can do everything from their cell phones, which is much more user-friendly.” 

- Tyler Perrett, Director of Recruiter at Delta Industries, Inc.


"DriverReach has cut out company's onboarding process in half! My favorite part is e-Docs. We have been able to save time and unnecessary man-power by having the applicant's paperwork right at their fingertips. I can't say enough about the Customer Service . . . They are always ready to lend a helping hand and the company goes the extra mile to work on new ideas to better serve our needs.” 

- Rose Smith, Safety Department Administration Manager at Mission Petroleum Carriers, Inc.


"I love how user-friendly DriverReach is. The ability to change the stage of an applicant and update my work list keeps my screen neat and organized.” 

- Cristyl Green, Recruiter at East-West Express

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"Because of Jetco's unique recruiting process, we have a lot of office employees who need visibility to our candidates' progress during hiring. The DriverReach platform has drastically changed the way Jetco Delivery engages with applicants. DriverReach allows us to always stay on top of our drivers' status across multiple departments - a huge game-changer!” 

- Amanda Schuier, Director of Employee Engagement at Jetco Delivery


"DriverReach is simply the best ATS for driver recruiting! We get so much value out of DriverReach reports, App-links, drip-campaigns, VOE+, and the ability to communicate with our drivers in rea-time. Additionally,  DriverReach customer service is superb. I believe DR will take your recruiting efforts to the next level.” 

- Mario Herrera, Director of Recruiting at Redbone Trucking


"I contract with a trucking client to build out recruit / retention / sales strategies.  We are currently using DriverReach to streamline lead sources and more efficiently manage recruit to hire process.  The level of time DriverReach has spent on educating us on features, on-boarding new users, and troubleshooting through IT issues has been impressive so far.  We anticipate continuing our lead to onboard growth with DriverReach and we appreciate the fact that DriverReach is always evaluating their platform to figure out how to make it better for the customer.” 

- Mid-sized carrier, Southeast region

"We've used DriverReach for over a year. The applicant tracking system helped to remove friction points and streamline our driver experience. We were able to decrease our days to hire, which helps us put more drivers to work. We're thankful to have such a reliable and helpful partner in technology.” 

- Southwest carrier


"We got our FIRST HIRE IN 3 DAYS! Fantastic software and support! Mission Petroleum Carriers switched to DriverReach after comparing several options. We were using a combination of a custom web application and lots of manual labor, emails and phone calls. DriverReach delivered on their promise of ease of use and integrating with several job boards we were using. After the implementation and training, we signed up our first hire in 3 days."

- Shane Petty, IT Project Manager at Mission Petroleum Carriers Inc


"Our company's experience working with DriverReach has been top notch.  User friendly system for sure, but even more so wonderful people to work with - honest, skilled, and fun to work with!"

- Mid-sized carrier, Midwest region


"We recently switched over to DriverReach and couldn't be more pleased.  Aside from the overall simplicity of the system, the reporting features are great.  We use DR a little differently than trucking companies, but for our purposes it was a wise move for us.  On top of that, their customer service is top notch and they made the transition very smooth for us.  Highly recommend."

- Southeast carrier


"I have been recruiting for 15 years, I have used many ATS providers, some great, some not so great. DriverReach is by far the easiest, fastest system I have EVER used. On top of a top knotch ATS provider, DriverReach has an exceptional Customer Service team. They are attentive, response, and best of all, they are honest. I highly recommend DriverReach to any company looking to change to a new, better ATS provider!"

- Mid-sized carrier, Northeast region


"I recommend companies to DriverReach all the time. This software is simple for applicants and recruiters alike. I have used several different recruiting software packages but DriverReach is by far my favorite. Since it so easy to learn and use, it cuts down on the time between the application to the hire date which improves the over all process. It is an easy to learn program and the customer service is outstanding!!"

- Mid-sized carrier, Southeast region


"DriverReach has been an invaluable partner in starting our Driver Staffing business. The DriverReach team is extremely knowledgeable not only with the DriverReach platform but within the business as a whole. We had been speaking to their competitors and once we engaged with Rebecca and Mark we never looked back. They offer unparalleled customer service and being that time is everything in this business, the partnership was a no brainier. We look forward to building our business with DriverReach."

- Western carrier


"DriverReach stands behind their motto "Hire. Better. Faster." Not only does their software make the recruiting/hiring process seamless and more efficient, the platform is VERY user friendly. After a quick, online, personal training session for their platform I became more efficient, organized, and even excited about hiring."

- Garrett Knollman, CEO at Transmark


"I absolutely love using DriverReach. From the minute we decided to implement them in here at Bowerman Trucking, they have been nothing but helpful and amazing. They have been available every step of the way. Any time I call them, I am always able to reach either Jordan or Mark with whom I have worked closely with through the whole process and they have addressed each and every one of my concerns with the same enthusiasm as they did on day one. I was lucky enough for Bowerman to send me to a conference sponsored by DriverReach and there I was able to actually meet Jeremy Reymer, CEO of DriverReach and also Steve Iskander, CGO which you don't get with most companies you deal with. They even gave me their direct phone numbers to call if I had any issues that couldn't be resolved through Jordan and Mark which has never happened. I'm so glad that I have been able to work with this wonderful company and implement them in for my recruiting and driver management needs. It has really been a time saver for me and been able to help me recruit more drivers at a much faster pace than before. I would highly recommend them for your recruiting management needs."

- Mid-sized carrier, Southwest region


"A year ago I was searching for an applicant tracking system and electronic application.  I spoke with what I thought was the main company out there in the trucking industry but they wanted too much for what they were providing.  With a little more searching I found DriverReach.  Same product but at a much cheaper price.  Jordan has been great to work with.  Whether I call or email she gets back to me quickly with answers and possible solutions.  Using DriverReach has reduced our application turn around time greatly putting more drivers in trucks."

- Large carrier, Midwest region


"DriverReach is an awesome tool to have within our company! The platform is very user-friendly and allows the hiring process to go more smoothly."

- Small carrier, Midwest region


"Top Notch Company to work with!! Their application and onboarding platform is the best out there and their DriverRecruits program has driven more driver leads than I can keep up with! This is a team that really cares about your success."

- Large carrier, Midwest region


"The DriverReach team's expertise and knowledge of the product is exceptional. Their courtesy and patience with assisting my company is commendable. I look forward to adding to our business relations with DriverReach  because of the team's service."

- Gilbert Bocanegra, General Manager at PX Transportation DBA Star Bulk


"Very easy to work with, never had a problem with employee's they were always willing to help."

- Small carrier, Midwest region

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