Supercharging Driver Coaching - Taking the Hire Road with Jeremy Reymer and Hayden Cardiff

Jeremy Reymer, the CEO and founder of DriverReach, is joined on this episode of Taking The Hire Road by an industry colleague, Hayden Cardiff, who holds the position of Chief Innovation Officer and is the founder of Idelic. It's worth noting that Idelic happens to be one of DriverReach's most valued integrated partners.

While working extensively in trucking consulting, Cardiff astutely identified a pressing issue that afflicted fleets of all sizes: Although companies had access to an abundance of data, they lacked an effective solution to harness this information proactively and predictively when it came to driver behavior.

In today's landscape, with the rise in nuclear verdicts, escalating insurance costs, and the overall total cost of risk, companies can no longer afford to operate without achieving operational excellence.

Cardiff pointed out, "There's an overwhelming volume of data generated from numerous systems, all of which remain disconnected and disjointed...But from a legal standpoint, fleets are held accountable for this data."

Recognizing the dire need for a solution that could predict and proactively address issues using existing data, Cardiff decided to take action. This led to the founding of Idelic, a platform designed to help companies consolidate their data and gain insights into drivers at risk. This, in turn, enables them to secure driver buy-in and subsequently provide coaching and behavioral improvements.

Through the application of machine learning to analyze driver behavior, the program empowers companies to pinpoint those at the highest risk of accidents and implement strategies to prevent these incidents. Cardiff proudly shared that Idelic has demonstrated an ability to predict more than 60% of accidents before they occur.

This remarkable achievement is made possible through the application of machine learning. The system houses a substantial repository of data from over 250,000 individual accidents, which it employs to draw comparisons with individual driver behavior, thereby identifying those most vulnerable to risk.

Cardiff firmly believes that effective technology should be seen as an enhancer of human engagement rather than a replacement for it. In the case of Idelic, technology serves the purpose of helping individuals identify drivers with the highest potential for risk, allowing them to engage with these drivers and leverage actionable data to deliver more effective coaching.

The ultimate aim of coaching, as Cardiff emphasized, is to bring about a change in driver behavior and to have a documented record in case of legal disputes, demonstrating that the company has taken all necessary measures. While the industry standard has typically revolved around safety departments coaching drivers based on individual critical unsafe driving events derived from telematics data, it is not the most effective way to communicate with drivers.

Idelic's system assists companies in identifying behavioral patterns rather than zeroing in on isolated events. This approach reduces the number of phone calls and enables companies to develop a more comprehensive strategy to prevent major incidents.

Cardiff summed it up by saying, "When you combine this with predictive analytics, you not only know who needs coaching but, more importantly, you understand the 'why' behind it."


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