Sleep Smarter, Drive Safer - Taking the Hire Road with Jeremy Reymer and Abhinav Singh

On this week’s Taking the Hire Road episode, Jeremy Reymer, the founder of DriverReach, engages with Dr. Abhinav Singh, a board-certified physician renowned for his extensive experience in sleep medicine.

In his efforts to emphasize the significance of proper sleep hygiene to patients, Singh often recommended literature penned by others. Until one day, a patient inquired why he hadn’t authored a book on the subject.

This query sparked the creation of “Sleep to Heal: 7 Simple Steps to Better Health,” a book where Singh delves into his illustrious medical career, sharing illustrative examples and valuable insights.

Singh’s message resonates profoundly with truckers, given the average life expectancy of CDL drivers, a mere 61 years.

“I consider sleep as the chassis of a truck, the foundation of one’s health,” he asserts. Singh’s writing is adorned with vivid analogies that underscore the importance of quality sleep.

In one poignant analogy, he likens a full eight hours of sleep to an elevator ascending. “The longer you sleep, the higher you ascend, reaching deeper, more restorative levels, akin to being in a penthouse.”

During the initial sleep hours, the body combats infections and repairs muscle tissue, leaving behind biological remnants like histamines.

The latter part of a restful night involves clearing these residuals. Yet, disturbances to sleep, even seemingly minor ones, hinder this vital clean-up process.

“Snoring is akin to road potholes,” Singh elaborates. “They may be common, but some have a more detrimental impact, disrupting the sleep cycle much like hitting these potholes disrupts a car.”

Snoring, caused by throat vibrations, triggers adrenaline rushes that interrupt sleep cycles, leading to continuous disturbances that strain the body.

While sleep apnea symptoms initially seem minor—“dry mouth, headaches, fatigue, judgment errors”—their prolonged impact can escalate to severe health issues like heart attacks and strokes over time.

Alarming statistics reveal that roughly 1 in 3 people suffer from insufficient sleep, with almost 20% experiencing sleep apnea, of which 80% remain undiagnosed.

Truckers, often older males with sedentary lifestyles, face heightened risks. The untreated condition can escalate road accident risks by almost 300%, emphasizing the necessity for regular medical check-ins.

Initially facing resistance from truckers, Singh noted their shift toward understanding the benefits of sleep medicine. Post-treatment, symptoms markedly alleviate within 60 days, prompting Singh to ask, “Doesn’t it feel like the handbrakes have been on while driving, and now they've finally been released?”

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