Taking the Hire Road with Jeremy Reymer and Amanda Glidewell discuss Gaining Ground in Driver Recruitment

In the latest episode of Taking The Hire Road, Jeremy Reymer, the CEO and founder of DriverReach, welcomes a dear friend and valued DriverReach customer, Amanda Glidewell. Amanda serves as the recruiting manager at Groendyke Transportation, one of the leading tank truck carriers in the nation.

Amanda's journey into the world of recruiting began nearly a decade ago when she caught the "recruiting bug" while working at a staffing agency. This passion for connecting talent with opportunities in the workforce became a driving force in her career. Her path eventually led her to the transportation industry, where she initially joined Groendyke in an HR generalist role before transitioning her focus to recruiting.

At Groendyke, Amanda discovered her true "why" — a deep-seated love for driver recruiting and the sense of contributing to the nation's progress. Groendyke, a company nearing 900 drivers, clearly demonstrates its commitment to one of its core values: growth.

Key to Groendyke's ability to attract and retain the right drivers is its emphasis on finding individuals who align with the company's mission and values. Safety stands as a top priority, and ensuring drivers fit within this safety-conscious culture is paramount.

Amanda acknowledges that Groendyke isn't a suitable fit for every driver, just as not every driver aligns with the company's expectations. She explains, "[We're] dedicated to ensuring we recruit drivers who meet our criteria — those with minimal accidents and incidents, among other qualifications — to ensure they align with Groendyke's standards. It's a challenging task, and it's not the right fit for everyone."

Having amassed over 90 years of experience in the industry, Groendyke has undergone its fair share of trial and error. The company remains unafraid to identify inefficiencies and enact necessary changes to maintain its reputation as one of the safest carriers in the industry. According to Amanda, technological strength plays a significant role in this pursuit, encompassing robust systems for background screening, applicant tracking, and internal operations. Amanda acknowledges that sometimes systems don't meet expectations, and that's perfectly acceptable.

Amanda's perspective is summed up in her words: "If we're not evolving, we're not progressing. We're continually assessing our areas of inefficiency, seeking improvement, and embracing change to ensure our sustained growth into the future. We're certainly not afraid of change."


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