Digging into 2023Seiza’s Annual Driver Survey Report

This week on "Taking The Hire Road," Jeremy Reymer, the founder and CEO of DriverReach, is in conversation with Ron Yazzetti, the Vice President of U.S. New Business Sales and Partnerships at Seiza (formerly known as Work4Labs).

Ron Yazzetti boasts a rich background in HR and talent acquisition. Throughout his career at various job boards, he consistently observed a recurring demand for truck drivers. Approximately seven years ago, Yazzetti embarked on a journey to immerse himself in the trucking industry, and since then, his involvement in the transportation sector has only deepened. In his current role at Seiza, a recruitment marketing technology firm, he primarily collaborates with transportation companies.

Seiza addresses one of the most prominent challenges faced by companies: connecting with truck drivers. The company accomplishes this primarily through marketing and advertising, coupled with its expertise in understanding social media trends, where its target audience predominantly resides. Yazzetti noted the significant rise of social media during his career.

He explained, "Our goal is to leverage these channels to engage with known truck driver audiences and help them connect with qualified applicants they might not reach on their own."

Successful driver recruitment and retention, which consistently rank as major concerns for carriers, necessitate a profound understanding of drivers' needs. Seiza conducts annual surveys to gain insights into the key issues drivers face. Yazzetti emphasized that one of the most noteworthy takeaways from the 2023 Annual Driver Survey Report is the perceptible gap between employers and drivers.

He stated, "There's a disconnect between what employers believe they're communicating to drivers and what drivers perceive and experience."

The survey delved deeper into the drivers' mindset and their priorities. It revealed that while competitive pay and home time are expectedly crucial, drivers also value a sense of belonging within the organization, where they are not treated merely as numbers.

Yazzetti pointed out that even individuals who may not be entirely content with their compensation might remain loyal if they feel heard and respected. Listening to drivers is a cost-free investment for any company.

Furthermore, Yazzetti challenged listeners to conduct surveys within their own workforce to understand their preferences and desires, a valuable source of information that can inform effective advertising strategies.

Although some companies may have concerns about their online reputation, the feedback they receive serves as a vital tool for assessing their standing in the eyes of drivers and their competitiveness in terms of pay and benefits.

When it comes to hiring while prioritizing retention, Yazzetti stressed the importance of honesty and transparency about compensation. Companies can present compensation information in various ways as long as it remains truthful, such as providing averages and ranges. He also advised against using compensation in the form of cents per mile and sign-on bonuses in social media promotions.

Keeping abreast of drivers' evolving communication preferences is also crucial, as these preferences continually change. Yazzetti highlighted that in the previous year's survey, email messaging was the most preferred communication method among drivers, but this year, it was the least preferred, with SMS rising in popularity.


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