DriverReach Rolls Out DQ Checklist – Taking the Hire Road with Jeremy Reymer and Sam Bloomquist

During this Taking the Hire Road episode, Jeremy Reymer, DriverReach’s Founder, sits down with Sam Bloomquist, the organization’s Chief Technology Officer.

With a background spanning decades in software development across various industries, Bloomquist joined DriverReach and the trucking sector almost seven years ago, drawn by the substantial impact of technology in this domain.

During Bloomquist’s initial tenure at DriverReach, the company primarily tackled the critical challenges of driver recruitment and retention. At the peak of the goods economy, securing dependable drivers posed a significant hurdle for carriers.

While recruitment and retention challenges persist, they are now accompanied by another crucial concern: regulatory compliance.

In a marketplace with narrowing margins, carriers face the imperative to sidestep expensive regulatory breaches in a complex web of federal regulations.

One such regulation demands carriers maintain a comprehensive qualification file for each driver, encompassing employment history, background checks, health records, and pertinent certificates.

Unfortunately, assembling this file often proves deceptively intricate for carriers, resulting in legal headaches and escalating fees.

“Regulations are dynamic, and not every employee has direct access to legal counsel,” Bloomquist noted.

Indeed, the industry is steeped in oral traditions transmitting outdated information and inaccurate legal interpretations from seasoned veterans to new hires. As Mark Twain quipped: “It’s not what you don’t know that gets you into trouble—it’s what you know that just ain’t so.”

To shield against legal vulnerabilities, DriverReach has introduced a feature streamlining the construction and maintenance of driver qualification (DQ) files.

“There’s truly nothing quite like it in today's market,” Bloomquist emphasized. “It takes something complex, confusing, and challenging and simplifies it, assisting those struggling to organize and expand their companies.”

The launch of DriverReach’s new DQ checklist feature arrives at an opportune time, as Reymer pointed out, given “the industry faces significant pressure from plaintiffs’ attorneys seeking ever-increasing verdicts and settlements.”

Despite the labyrinthine nature of regulatory compliance, it stands apart from many other carrier challenges, as compliance lies entirely within a company’s control.

“It’s a grim reality,” Bloomquist acknowledged, “that accidents can occur, sometimes leading to tragic outcomes.” However, ensuring compliance standards are met “improves the odds of averting those uncontrollable situations.”

Control extends to carriers' concerns about data security. During a recent TCA Profitability Program session, one carrier raised concerns about DriverReach sharing carrier data outside the customer’s organization.

Bloomquist’s response was unequivocal. “We do not share our customers’ data with any other entities. Our customers retain control over integrating external companies with their accounts and the nature of data flow.”

However, Bloomquist recognized a deeper apprehension behind the question: the fear of data exploitation to profit from driver turnover, a practice detrimental to the industry by encouraging driver fleet hopping.

Once again, the answer was a firm negative. “Our unwavering dedication to customer success guides every decision we make.”

The new DQ checklist feature received commendable feedback during testing, and DriverReach anticipates a positive reception among its broader customer base.

Looking forward to 2024, Bloomquist anticipates providing reporting insights to customers. “We’ll develop intuitive reports and tools that spark actionable ‘aha!’ moments for our customers, fostering their success.”


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