Carriers Level Up Communication - Taking the Hire Road with Leah Shaver and Kameel Gaines

In this episode of DriverReach’s Taking The Hire Road, Leah Shaver, the guest host, and President and CEO of the National Transportation Institute, engages in a discussion with Kameel Gaines, the Founder, resident, and CEO of Rig on Wheels, a third-party driver recruiting firm. Gaines initiated Rig on Wheels from her living room over a decade ago, amassing a wealth of insights in the process. One key insight stands out: the central importance of communication.

Gaines emphasizes that consistent, respectful communication should be a priority on all fronts, including interactions between trucking companies and third-party recruiters, among internal teams, and between drivers and shippers. Notably, trucking companies are now placing stricter communication requirements on both their current and prospective drivers.

Companies are going through a rebranding process, Gaines notes, emphasizing the need for drivers who represent them effectively. Companies want drivers who excel in communication skills because drivers are, in essence, the face of the company. How drivers interact with dockworkers and other employees can significantly influence the relationship between shippers and carriers.

Effective communication between trucking companies and third-party recruiting firms like Rig on Wheels should prioritize timely and complete information transfer. Gaines underscores that third-party recruiters effectively become an extension of the company they represent, making it vital for them to align with the messaging of the trucking company.

When trucking companies and their recruitment partners fail to synchronize their efforts, potential recruits often receive conflicting information from the two entities. This misalignment creates communication breakdowns, leading to confusion and missed opportunities.

Beyond the practical advantages of successful communication, fostering strong relationships among team members and partners creates a work environment that feels safe and inclusive for everyone. This is especially crucial for companies seeking to attract young individuals, women, and minorities into their workforce.

For Gaines, creating such an environment involves nurturing a culture where people can openly address generational and cultural differences through questions and discussions. By viewing these differences as challenges to overcome rather than obstacles to avoid, teams can more easily connect and collaborate, particularly in terms of internal communication.

"When you're on one accord, everything runs more smoothly," Gaines emphasizes. "If you communicate well, people are more likely to understand you better. Even if they don't fully comprehend, they are less likely to jump to negative conclusions."

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