Driver appreciation WEAK? - Taking the Hire Road with Jeremy Reymer and Jason Crowell

During this episode of Taking the Hire Road, Jeremy Reymer, founder of DriverReach, is accompanied by Jason Crowell, Director of Recruitment at Custom Commodities Transport, a pioneer in internet and social recruiting, even before it became the industry standard. Crowell has been at the forefront of the digital recruitment revolution throughout his career, observing the industry's transition from traditional techniques to embracing high-tech solutions. One of the most significant consequences of this shift has been the wealth of information available to both recruiters and candidates before they engage in a conversation. While there are frequent discussions about the information recruiters can gather from candidates' online presence, the significance of a company's digital footprint is often underestimated. As Crowell puts it, "Technology has enabled us to provide candidates, prospects, and the general public with better education about what a company does. You get a sense of the company before any interaction occurs." Interestingly, DriverReach is one of the technologies that Crowell integrates into his recruitment efforts. He uses it as a means of communication, enabling conversations with individuals who may not have applied for a job recently, but are still interested in understanding the company's activities and whereabouts. DriverReach serves as a crucial touchpoint for maintaining communication with potential candidates at every stage of their job search, from initial consideration to post-hire, without the need for complex or time-consuming manual processes. Nevertheless, technology does not replace the essential aspects of building relationships and showing appreciation to both potential and existing drivers. Jeremy Reymer reinforces the idea that, despite the advanced technology available, this remains a people-oriented business, highlighting the significance of enhancing human interaction and experience wherever possible. Following Driver Appreciation Week, Crowell challenges recruiters, HR personnel, and anyone regularly engaging with truck drivers to reflect on what genuine appreciation looks like on a daily basis. Crowell asserts, "Appreciation is a fundamental human need, and when we fulfill that need, people find more satisfaction in their jobs." Everyday appreciation goes beyond cookouts and tokens; it involves integrating it into daily business interactions. This often means taking the time to get to know drivers and acknowledging their specific contributions regularly. Various means of expressing appreciation, such as heartfelt notes, are usually neither expensive nor time-consuming. Creating a culture of appreciation provides benefits that extend beyond driver satisfaction, ultimately impacting a company's bottom line. Satisfied drivers tend to stay with carriers longer, ultimately enhancing retention rates. This underscores the critical need for companies, particularly for recruiters, to emphasize relationship-building from the very outset. Jason Crowell aptly concludes, "If recruiting is sales, then retention is the recruiter’s recurring revenue. Retaining good employees contributes to revenue generation and the bottom line."

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