Reshaping The Perception Of Trucking - Taking the Hire Road with Jeremy Reymer and Chris Woody

On this week’s Taking the Hire Road episode, Jeremy Reymer, DriverReach's founder, engages with Chris Woody, The M&W Logistics Group's director of safety.

Woody, an esteemed veteran, earned accolades like the Tennessee Trucking Association’s Safety Professional of the Year in 2021 and contributed to M&W winning the American Trucking Associations’ President’s Trophy in 2022.

Yet, like many in trucking, Woody stumbled into this career “by accident.” His tenure at M&W began over a decade ago in the payroll department. Over time, his involvement across various company facets attracted attention, leading him to assume the safety director role after his predecessor's retirement.

Woody’s compelling candidacy stemmed from his fervent advocacy for truckers, combating both regulatory hurdles and public perceptions. “I detest injustice,” he asserts, highlighting biases that affect the industry’s reputation.

At M&W, Woody's mission has a dual focus. First, he aims to educate the public about truckers’ pivotal economic contributions, challenging negative biases. “Understanding their sacrifices is crucial,” he contends, emphasizing their role in sustaining our comfortable lifestyles.

Second, Woody recognizes the inherent risks in trucking. “Despite safety measures, drivers are vulnerable each time they hit the road.”

Given this vulnerability, he champions the need to safeguard truckers. The complex and evolving regulatory landscape, combined with public bias, exposes drivers to severe consequences in accidents.

Although safety and compliance often recede in tough market conditions, Woody deems this a short-term view. “Carriers must ponder: ‘How will I emerge from this? Will I be in disarray or ready to thrive when things pick up?’”

As market dynamics inevitably fluctuate, Woody advises fleets to prepare for the upswing. “The smart move is to keep hiring, fill trucks, and anticipate these cyclical shifts,” he recommends.


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