St. Christopher Truckers Relief Fund - Taking the Hire Road with Jeremy Reymer and Shannon Currier

During this episode, Jeremy Reymer, Founder of DriverReach, is joined by Shannon Currier, the Director of Philanthropy and Development at the St. Christopher Truckers Relief Fund, a nonprofit organization dedicated to assisting truck drivers and their families during challenging times.

Long-haul semi-truck drivers are essential contributors to the transportation industry. However, when unforeseen circumstances such as injury or illness force them out of work, it often becomes a struggle for them to cover basic household expenses for themselves and their families.

For the past 15 years, the St. Christopher Truckers Relief Fund has been a beacon of support for over-the-road semi-truck drivers during some of the most stressful periods in their lives when they cannot work due to medical issues.

Empowered by generous donors and sponsors, the organization extends a helping hand to drivers by covering crucial expenses, including rent or mortgages, utility bills, vehicle payments, and insurance premiums, which can often be the most substantial financial burdens.

Shannon Currier aptly describes their mission, stating, "We are offering help and hope to drivers when they don’t have any. We’re helping these drivers have some peace of mind while they’re home recovering from these illnesses and injuries. They can focus on that and then get back on the road and continue to provide for their families."

However, financial assistance is just one facet of the organization's support. St. Christopher also provides drivers with free access to health and wellness resources and programs. These offerings encompass a smoking cessation program, vaccine vouchers, cancer screenings, and a diabetes prevention program.

By contributing to the St. Christopher Truckers Relief Fund, carriers not only support the broader industry but also demonstrate their appreciation for drivers.

Currier emphasizes the significance of such contributions, stating, "I think that it shows that you’re invested in your drivers when you’re donating to a fund that [drivers] respect, they donate to. We have been supported by drivers since day one. That is who has kept us going for years and years. They’re investing in themselves, investing in each other. Who doesn’t want to work for a company that’s investing in their drivers?"

Furthermore, Currier highlights that informing drivers about the free health and wellness programs doesn't incur any costs for companies. Facilitating access to these resources, however, can significantly enhance the quality of drivers' lives and well-being.

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