Taking the Hire Road with Jeremy Reymer and Justin Clarke discuss the Tech-Driven Revolution in Truck Driver Staffing:

In this episode of Taking The Hire Road, Jeremy Reymer, the CEO and visionary founder of DriverReach, engages in a dynamic conversation with Justin Clarke, a close friend and a trailblazing leader in the industry. Justin Clarke holds the role of founder and CEO at F|Staff, a prominent on-demand truck driver staffing company.

Justin's journey began with the establishment of Contracted Driver Services (CDS), a more conventional staffing company with the mission of connecting qualified drivers with high-quality carriers. However, the ever-evolving landscape of technology inspired Justin to transform CDS into a more tech-savvy and forward-thinking operation, resulting in the birth of F|Staff.

By harnessing the power of cutting-edge technology, Justin has created a platform that not only enhances the experiences of drivers and carriers but also aligns with the demands of today's gig economy. Years of dedicated effort have been poured into building a robust tech stack that empowers F|Staff to deliver on-demand solutions for carriers in need of truck drivers swiftly, while also ensuring drivers have access to the work they desire.

As Justin aptly puts it, "We've elevated our business operations significantly through technology, moving away from the outdated, error-prone, human-driven approach. We firmly believe that people and technology are most effective when working together, not in isolation."

F|Staff brings together drivers and carriers within a single app, simplifying the process of drivers finding gigs and carriers filling job orders. While this high-tech approach underpins their operations, it does not diminish their commitment to providing exceptional service. Justin's profound affection for truck drivers continues to drive his passion.

Justin noted, "Truck drivers possess an innate ability to discern authenticity, regardless of the distance. We are a community of workers who deeply respect truckers, recognizing that they are the backbone of our society, responsible for transporting everything essential to our daily lives."

While technology is the driving force behind their platform, Justin emphasized the significance of staying connected to one's purpose and the community being served when crafting solutions. He emphasized that a company that loses touch with industry realities may struggle to thrive, regardless of the quality of its product.

F|Staff's tech-forward approach empowers drivers to shape their own lives while offering carriers unparalleled flexibility and control. Carriers can swiftly adjust their driver force as market conditions fluctuate in real-time, ensuring their trucks remain in continuous motion.

Beyond the act of hiring drivers, F|Staff offers carriers the ability to assess drivers and provide feedback. Carriers also gain a higher degree of control by selectively sending orders to a group of pre-screened drivers within the solution, rather than broadcasting them to all available drivers. This approach enhances the overall efficiency of the staffing process.


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