To Win Them Over™

Stay Closer

When you Stay Closer you keep in contact with driver recruits by using a more modern platform that enables frequent communication.

Here's how one fleet moved from paper to digital to double their fleet and make compliance easier by leveraging our pillar: stay closer.



Safety-first tanker company eliminates
paper-based risk, doubles their fleet


Picture this ... you’re an award-winning safety-first carrier that specializes in bulk tank transport. For half a century, people have relied on you to haul everything from natural gas to ammonia, chemicals, and acids.

But, your hiring process is completely dependent upon paper applications. The driver has to download a PDF, fill it out with a pen, scan it, and send it back – creating a lot of steps between the qualified driver and the wheel of your truck. What’s more, because you work with hazardous materials, your paper-based DQ system is leaving you vulnerable to risk.

So, you turn to DriverReach. Our modern, easy-to-use platform allows you to quickly digitize your driver hiring process and even filter leads to see which candidates need following up with. It also notifies you when a driver’s CDL is expiring, or they have a DOT physical due. Plus, you love the support you get with DriverReach. Not only do we help train your teams on the system; we’re available to answer questions within 24 hours.

Now, just a year later, you’ve onboarded nearly 300 drivers and doubled your fleet. And you can trust that their driver safety records are up to date too. You’re looking forward to where you’ll grow next with your drivers, now that you know how to win them over.


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