Your CDL Driver Recruiting and Retention Playbook – 5 Steps to Success

Modern CDL driver recruiters are in a unique position: while there is an incredible amount of competition in the industry, there are so many tools and solutions available to help manage complex recruiting processes. 

Although recruiting may seem overwhelming at times, with the right strategic planning and focus, recruiters can streamline the processes both internally and for drivers.

In our newest ebook, “Your CDL Driver Recruiting and Retention Playbook – 5 Steps to Success, we explore five easy ways to develop a successful CDL driver recruiting and retention strategy, including how to: 

  • Build your brand storyEbook Recruiting and Retention Playbook Cover Image
  • Optimize the applicant experience
  • Bridge the gap between human engagement and technology
  • Engage and retain drivers 
  • Establish a full circle feedback and referral loop to improve driver retention



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