Nail the 3 Rs: Recruiting, Referrals, and Retention

Early and transparent communication leads to improved driver happiness and retention – especially in the first 90 days. According to WorkHound’s 2021 Annual Driver Feedback Trends Analysis, 50% of drivers who communicated about training left their company by the end of 2021 vs. nearly 80% of drivers who communicated about benefits remained at their company by year-end. The GOOD NEWS is that developing a solid communication strategy is easier than you might think. 

nail-the-three-rsIn this ebook based on one of our top-performing webinars of all-time, truck driver recruiting and retention experts Jeremy Reymer, Founder and CEO at DriverReach, Nate Tellis, CTO and Co-Founder at RocketCDL, and Max Farrell, CEO and Co-Founder at WorkHound share tangible ways your company can NAIL early and transparent new driver communication.

This ebook will dive into why: 

  • The first 90 days is a critical retention milestone for new drivers
  • Referrals are all about culture
  • Backloading incentives can be risky
  • Driver feedback exists whether or not carriers ask for it
  • Company culture is a combination of habits and efforts to earn driver trust

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