OTA's trusted Endorsed Partner, DriverReach, is a modern driver recruiting, retention, and compliance management platform that helps streamline the hiring process and simplify the applicant (and recruiter) experience. Our primary focus is to help your company to Hire. Better. Faster.

The Solution

Hire. Better. Faster.

DriverReach enables you to provide a better applicant experience and dramatically improves your speed-to-hire. Our mobile-friendly DOT application feeds directly into your account with full CRM, email, and text functionality to help improve your communication and increase your applicant engagement.  Along with our e-document/e-signature solution and a  full suite of third-party compliance integrations; we can help you deliver a modern, streamlined process to qualify and hire drivers faster and more efficiently.

**OTA members receive a 10% discount on all monthly paid tier plans.

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Ask A Recruiter: Efficiency and Goal Tracking Masterclass

Are you new to the world of CDL recruiting? Or, has this quarter’s hiring goals got you feeling overwhelmed? You’re not alone; we’ve got just the thing to help you find your footing. Join us for a one-of-a-kind webinar where Angie Osterhoundt, a seasoned recruiter and DriverReach onboarding specialist, will share her invaluable insights and strategies to transform your approach to CDL driver recruitment.

On Demand

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From Recession to Expansion: How DriverReach Transformed Apex Transit, Resulting in 133% Growth and 70% Lower Driver Turnover

Discover the transformative journey of Apex Transit as they navigated from recession-era beginnings to extraordinary growth with DriverReach. Learn how this strategic partnership not only streamlined their operations and enhanced compliance but also led to a remarkable 133% expansion and a 70% reduction in driver turnover, making DriverReach a key catalyst in their success story.

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If you want to improve your recruiting process while remaining compliant, you need DriverReach's modern Recruiting Management System.