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ATA's trusted Endorsed Partner, DriverReach, has the tools and resources you need to streamline the process of qualifying and hiring CDL drivers, allowing your company to Hire. Better. Faster. 

HUBSPOT - How DriverReach is Helping Its Customers Be  Compliant With The Upcoming Clearinghouse Rule

Your Trusted Clearinghouse Compliance Partner

Need a partner to help you prepare for the Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse rule? DriverReach has you covered!

Not only does DriverReach's modern recruiting management system help you hire drivers faster and more efficiently, but it also ensures you remain compliant with the new Clearinghouse rule. Learn how with a recent update to DriverReach's intuitive interface.

If you're not already using an applicant tracking system (ATS), or if you are interested in upgrading, NOW is the time to take advantage of your ATA 10% discount on all monthly paid tier plans!

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The Solution

Hire. Better. Faster.

DriverReach enables you to provide a better applicant experience and dramatically improves your speed-to-hire. Our mobile-friendly DOT application feeds directly into your account with email and text functionality, as well as full-service background check integrations, streamlining the process of qualifying and hiring drivers.

Remain compliant with the new Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse and manage each driver's qualification file directly in your account.

**ATA members receive a 10% discount on all monthly paid tier plans.

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If you want to improve your recruiting process while remaining compliant, you need DriverReach's modern Recruiting Management System.