3 Driver Recruiting Strategies It’s Time to Retire

Ahhhh, the new year. A time to take stock of the past twelve months, determine what worked well, and identify areas that need a bit of improvement. For many in the CDL trucking industry, 2020 ended up being a year that many of us would like nothing more than to forget and move on from. But, looking back over the past year, the challenges we faced actually can help us move forward in a more strategic manner.

One of the few silver linings from 2020 is that, whether we liked it or not, the processes and procedures CDL driver recruiters use every single day came under swift scrutiny, as the entire industry had to pivot at a rapid pace to meet the demands of a challenging year. Some strategies that were long considered inherent or foundational to the driver recruiting world were identified as outdated or underperforming, while other out-of-the-box ideas that had been passed over were re-examined as potential successes.

Here are three driver recruiting strategies it’s time to retire in 2021:

  • Not putting the driver at the center of your recruiting process.

For many years now, the driver-focused recruiting experience has been an industry buzzword. Today, however, this is a necessity for any driver recruiting team looking to set themselves apart from the competition and attract qualified drivers. Every step of the way needs to be wholly focused on your driver applicants and considering your process from their perspective. Over the next few weeks, do a quick audit of your recruiting process to ensure you’re as driver-focused as possible.

  • Being unwilling to be the first to embrace a new way of doing things.

 If you’re still dragging your feet to adopt new technology or digital-first recruiting approach, now is the time to make this change. While taking the leap on video interview calls or social media ads to attract new drivers may sound daunting at first, now is the time to embrace the new way of doing things. Your drivers – and your recruiters – will thank you.

  • Not making data-backed strategic decisions.

Data is king, especially in the world of CDL driver recruiting. If your team is still making gut decisions or moving forward as you’ve always done things, stop. Gathering metrics, numbers, and data to then make strategic, informed decisions will be key heading into 2021. This will also help ensure your strategy is clear and transparent to anyone who requires more details, such as executives or your board.

Your new 2021 driver recruiting strategy

While the past year gave you some time to think and reassess your CDL driver recruiting strategy, 2021 will be the year to put these new ideas into action. Whether you’re starting from scratch or trying to pivot your current processes to meet your new recruiting strategy, DriverReach can help. Our team of experts is on hand to ensure your 2021 driver recruiting strategy is in line with your goals. You can learn more here.

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