3 Things DriverReach is Grateful for in 2020

Calling 2020 chaotic would, in reality, not even begin to scratch the surface of what the CDL trucking and logistics industry experienced so far this year. From navigating the already critical driver shortage to managing supply and demand changes on a daily basis to the mental exhaustion of a global pandemic, 2020 was a doozy. But between the challenges that faced us all was a year that offered unique situations, opportunities, and experiences for CDL drivers and recruiters alike.

While doom-and-gloom headlines may have dominated 2020, here are three things that truly made us grateful this year:

  • The readiness of recruiters and carriers to embrace technology. 

DriverReach has long been dedicated to bridging the digital gaps in CDL industry processes and workflows, and 2020 was a year where things really came to a head in terms of technology. Drivers are using their voice more than ever to demand a more streamlined, accessible application and recruiting process, and carriers and recruiters are jumping to invest in the technology and resources to make this happen.

  • CDL drivers who are excited and proud of their work. 

2020 was difficult for many reasons, but the essential worker designation of CDL drivers and of the trucking industry overall created a groundswell of acknowledgement from the entire nation. DriverReach is truly grateful for each and every driver who is passionate and proud of the work they do to keep this country’s economy moving. 

While 2020 might not have gone the way many of us planned, every single application and job inquiry that comes through from an experienced driver looking for a new opportunity or from a new driver looking to break into the space, we chalk this up as a win for the industry as a whole.

  • The incredible trucking industry community. 

By and large, the past year was about people coming together in times of need and crisis. While the CDL trucking industry is largely a remote-focused group, 2020 showed us all how small of a community this actually is. Every driver recommendation for a new hire, every thought leader sharing insight and information, and every carrier looking for new ways to provide benefits and support to drivers helped bring this community even closer together. 

2020 proved once and for all that truck drivers – and the industry that supports them – are truly the backbone of our nation’s economy, and we owe so much thanks and appreciation to every single one of you.

Looking ahead to 2021

Whatever you’ve experienced in 2020, we hope that by looking ahead to 2021 and the opportunities afforded in a new year can set your team up for success in the year ahead. While we’re ending 2020 on a higher note than may have been expected back in March or April, there is still work ahead for recruiters and carriers. 

Collaboration with drivers, transparent recruiting processes, and clear lines of communication can help this next year be one full of success and gratefulness.

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