3 Ways to Future-Proof Your CDL Driver Recruiting Strategy

CDL truck driving has more than proven it’s staying power as a foundational industry in the United States. Truck-based logistics is still one of the pillars of the economic supply chain, which speaks to the industry’s ability to change and grow alongside the modern world. Even in today’s modern world, it’s hard to imagine shipping and logistics without CDL drivers, which means the CDL trucking industry is here to stay. 

What may be at risk, however, is your recruiting strategy. While the future of the CDL industry might be intact, the only way your recruiting team will be around to enjoy it is if you start making the right recruiting decisions now. 

Here are 3 ways to future-proof your CDL driver recruiting strategy: 

  1. Adopt driver-first processes. 

Even though the CDL trucking industry has been relatively stagnant in its necessity over the years, CDL drivers have definitely changed. Modern CDL drivers are looking for the modern conveniences of any other job opportunity. They want easy-to-find job applications that don’t require a ton of manual form fills. They want creative communication channels that promote personal connections, like texting and video chats. And, most importantly, they want time-efficient, streamlined recruiting and retention processes. 

Today’s drivers want to work with recruiters and carriers that put their needs first, not the other way around. If your team is able to deliver driver-first processes, then you’re well on your way to creating a forward-thinking recruiting strategy that will last for years. 

  1. Make sure your recruiters can deliver.  

Once your processes are future-proofed, it’s time to take a look inward at your recruiting team. Yes, modern CDL recruiters rely heavily on technology and innovative solutions (more on this later), but recruiting – no matter the industry  – really comes down to personal relationships. Your recruiters must be able to approach conversations and follow-up interviews with ease and comfort. They need to be ready to answer questions at a moment’s notice and be able to pick up a conversation with a driver and know exactly what’s already been discussed. 

Half of what constitutes the ‘modern CDL driver experience’ has to do with recruiters and carriers realizing that CDL drivers are part of a larger team, regardless of the fact that they are on the road most of the time. Recruiters must be able to deliver on the promise of a driver-first recruiting experience by engaging and communicating with drivers where and when they prefer. 

  1. Invest in scalable technology.

Which brings us to technology. Finding the right ATS for your team and your driver candidates is key to long-term recruiting success. After all, you don’t want to have to switch platforms every few years to accommodate new innovations in the space. Look for a modern, CDL-specific ATS that allows your team to:

  • Securely visualize exactly where every single driver is in the recruiting process in real-time.
  • Automate employment verification and other certificate renewals.
  • Communicate quickly and confidently with drivers through text, email, and voice call channels. 
  • Leverage AI-powered technology to automate responses and templates. 
  • Track recruiting metrics and other data to ensure your team is performing at the highest level.

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