4 Of The Best Kept Driver Recruiting Secrets

If there is one thing about the trucking industry that driver recruiters know to be true, it’s never to get too comfortable with your current recruiting strategy. Sooner or later, things will change and, as drivers look for new ways to engage with carriers, recruiters must be there waiting for them.

Whether your team is looking for new ways to engage with your current drivers or they want to get ahead of new driver recruiting strategies for 2022, here are some secrets of driver recruiting you need to know this year.

1. Your current drivers are your most powerful recruiting tool. 

Whether through online forums, social media, or even just from one driver to another, word-of-mouth recommendations are critical in today’s modern recruiting landscape. There is so much competition in the industry, and hearing from a driver who has been there before can calm the nerves of a new driver applicant. Additionally, asking your current drivers to be voices of your organization shows them the value they bring and builds trust over time. 

2. Communication is more critical than ever before. 

Your recruiters work incredibly hard to bring new drivers into your pipeline and drive applications, so why throw this all away by failing to follow up? If your team struggles to stay on top of driver communication, try automating some of your outbound touchpoints through nurture campaigns. This allows your team to continually check in with qualified drivers without expending tons of manual resources.

3. Now is the time to creatively re-focus on in-person engagement. 

While many industries were rocked by social distancing and virtual work orders, the trucking industry could pivot relatively smoothly, thanks to many workers (aka drivers) who are already remote most of the time. Your team can still bring an element of in-person connection to your driver outreach through video calls, FaceTime, Zoom, and other virtual meeting platforms. New drivers will be pleased with the effort your team is making to connect face-to-face, and your current drivers will appreciate the effort to become more connected as an organization.

4. Technology is now a must-have in any driver recruiting strategy. 

For too long, driver recruiting was managed in an old-school way, with multiple chains of communication and databases of information for each driver. Modern driver recruiting teams are streamlining these internal processes, consolidating information, and making it easier for recruiters and drivers to go through the application and recruiting process. 

Want to learn more?

It can be hard to revamp your entire driver recruiting strategy, and not everything has to be done at once. By taking proactive steps to put your team on the path towards success, your organization can successfully recruit drivers for the rest of the year and into 2022. You can learn more here.


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