4 Steps to Getting Qualitative CDL Driver Feedback (Before It’s Too Late!)

Modern CDL driver recruiters are no strangers to driver feedback. As with any employee group, drivers are often highly vocal about what they’re looking for, what is working, and what needs to change to help support their employee experience. Unfortunately, the CDL driver recruiting world is so incredibly competitive now that recruiters and HR teams may not even realize drivers are unhappy before it is too late.

Go beyond quantitative survey gathering

Many driver recruiting and retention teams rely heavily on traditional feedback methods like surveys, interviews, and metrics to gauge driver satisfaction. With so much going on in a driver’s world, they may think nothing of it to check off ‘yes’ on every question about driver satisfaction without reading the questions. If this is the only method in which a recruiting team is gathering driver feedback, this kind of survey could skew the data and create blind spots around what is going on with drivers.

Tips for soliciting qualitative driver feedback

Gathering qualitative driver feedback goes beyond crunching the numbers. It can give drivers an avenue to provide genuine, actionable opinions and input to recruiters that can be used to deliver better driver recruiting and retention strategies.

Here are some ways to make gathering qualitative driver feedback easier:

  1. Make driver feedback a core tenant of your experience from the first conversation:
    If a driver doesn’t feel comfortable with your recruiting team or offering their opinion on internal processes, you will be hard-pressed to get any usable qualitative feedback from them. Discuss how driver feedback is taken into account from the first conversation – even during recruiting talks – to make drivers feel like their feedback is warranted and wanted. 

  2. Track and measure impromptu and off-the-cuff driver feedback:
    Recruiters often meet with drivers during one-on-ones, team meetings, and other scheduled calls. If a driver gives feedback during one of these instances, take note! Also, feel free to follow up with the driver personally if you have additional questions about their input.

  3. Don’t be afraid to ask drivers for feedback:
    Your drivers are the most front-line workers in your carrier organization and, as such, will have the best insight into what your team can do to improve the driver experience. Don’t be afraid to ask them what they think, how their feeling, or if they have any ideas for change.

  4. Highlight driver ideas and feedback that were the catalyst for strategic change:
    Show your drivers that their feedback is being taken into account and used for constructive purposes by highlighting process changes made directly from driver input.


Want to learn more?

Strengthening lines of communication with your drivers can make them feel more comfortable giving qualitative feedback, which can be used to deliver better driver experiences. 


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