4 Ways to Celebrate Your Rockstar CDL Drivers

Finding and hiring new drivers during an exceptionally prolonged driver shortage for CDL driver recruiters is no easy task. The competition has never been fiercer, and recruiters are constantly looking for new and creative ways to attract talent. If you’re on the hunt for new ways to hire new drivers, why not turn your eyes inward at the most significant asset your team has on the table: your current drivers.

Modern CDL drivers are true rockstars. From spending days on the road away from their families to quite literally helping to carry the country through a global pandemic, truck drivers have more than proven their value time and time again. Whether you’re looking for a way to say thank you for this hard work or if you’re trying to differentiate your operation from competitors through driver engagement, celebrating your drivers is a good – and necessary – place to start.

Here are 4 ways to celebrate your rockstar CDL drivers this year:

1. Re-evaluate your perks and benefits for 2021. 

While celebration and recognition are great, drivers are also looking for cold hard benefits – especially if they’ve been driving with your organization for a while. If you haven’t recently, now is a great time to re-evaluate your perks and benefits program. Do you offer more days off the longer a driver has been with you? What about wellness perks or fitness programs? When you can offer more benefits to drivers, they’re more likely to stick around longer.

2. Recognize your top drivers in a company-wide shoutout. 

To celebrate your top drivers, give them a shoutout in your company newsletter or weekly email blast. Provide a quick bio of the driver, their photo, and why they were your ‘top driver’ this month. The more you let drivers know that you see and realize their work into their profession, the more valued they will feel working with your team. 

3. Implement prizes or awards for peer recognition. 

Having a company recognize talent is one thing but being recognized by your peers is truly special. Ask your drivers to ‘nominate’ teammates for monthly or bi-annual rewards such as ‘driver of the month’ or ‘Q2’s top driver’. Then, provide a prize for the winning driver(s), such as a cash bonus, gift card, or other recognition.

4. Highlight your drivers in public places. 

In addition to celebrating your drivers internally, you should also be constantly on the lookout for new places to promote your current drivers and your team culture. From highlighting drivers on your website and in promotional materials to sharing stories in industry publications and giving new driver applicants the chance to chat with a current driver during their recruiting period, celebrating your current drivers can build a bridge with prospective candidates.

Celebrate your drivers as part of a larger recruiting strategy

Celebrating, recognizing, and thanking your current CDL drivers for all they do is necessary for running a successful trucking operation. Still, it can also be part of your larger driver recruiting strategy. With creative ideas mixed with modern recruiting management solutions and a focused recruiting strategy, your team can attract and hire more qualified applicants – while keeping your current drivers on the road. 


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