5 Driver Recruiting Browser Bookmarks to Use Everyday

To truly thrive in today's modern recruiting market, recruiters have to be entirely updated on the industry's latest tips, tricks, and trends. For CDL driver recruiters especially, working in such a competitive landscape means finding new, creative ways to engage drivers, build recruiting strategies, and build a driver-first reputation.

To that end, we've gathered a comprehensive list of resources, industry thought leaders, and sites that can ensure you stay on your toes when it comes to driver recruiting.

  • Freightwaves is the ultimate supply chain industry resource for multiple different types of freight, including trucking. From industry news to stock movement to other supply chains like rail or air, Freightwaves is a must-read every morning for anyone in trucking. Visit now. 
  • Transport Topics offers a holistic, non-biased look at the top news from the trucking industry, including new government regulations, business moves, and technological innovations. The Transport Topics homepage is perfect for recruiters looking for a few extra soundbites to use in conversations with drivers throughout the day. Visit now. 
  • Drive My Way is a blog dedicated to truck drivers themselves. This is also an excellent resource for recruiters to see the kinds of information drivers are looking at, the messaging in their space, and the kinds of benefits and resources they want from a carrier. Visit now.
  • Recruiting Daily may be a non-industry-focused recruiting thought leadership site, but its message will resonate deeply with CDL driver recruiters. From new ways to engage talent to retention strategies, Recruiting Daily has articles, podcasts, and webinars to keep your team immersed in the latest from across the world of recruiting. Visit now.
  • The DriverReach Blog is a great place to get the latest innovations, inspirations, and announcements from industry thought leaders and learn more about the DriverReach platform. As an industry leader in recruiting and compliance management software, DriverReach works diligently to provide up-to-date, relevant thought leadership to customers and industry leaders alike. DriverReach is also an excellent resource for those looking to understand more complex elements of the CDL carrier space, like The Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse, on a more manageable level. Visit now.


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Stay up to date on CDL trucking trends! Be sure to check out the DriverReach blog for other relevant articles and head over to our webinars page for an up-to-date list of upcoming events and on-demand recordings.

Listen to Taking the Hire Road podcast, hosted by Jeremy Reymer and in collaboration with FreightWaves, for timely conversations with industry experts. For more information, or to join a live group demo, visit www.driverreach.com/livedemo.


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