5 Predictions for Driver Recruiting in 2021

Looking back now to the end of 2019, nobody could have predicted the wild and tumultuous year that 2020 turned out to be. While the CDL trucking industry experienced its fair share of ups and downs through the last year, we only needed to be blindsided once. Thanks to the unique situation of 2020, CDL driver recruiters can be better prepared for what 2021 stands to bring – even when things don’t quite go as planned.Here are 5 big predictions for CDL driver recruiting in 2021 to help recruiters and leaders with strategy, planning, and preparedness:

  1. Your company is your brand, so it better be up to the challenge

Over the past few years, the CDL trucking industry has more or less caught up with other industries when it comes to applicant-first digital recruiting solutions. This means that a carrier’s ‘brand’ is now front-and-center throughout the recruiting process. What sets your organization apart from competitors? What can drivers achieve with your company that they can’t anywhere else? These are the kinds of questions drivers will be asking in 2021, and your brand – and your team – better be ready to answer it.

  1. Word-of-mouth recruiting and driver referrals will be big

With the driver shortage still looming and with more drivers leaving the industry than ever before, CDL driver recruiters are going to have to get creative in 2021. Luckily, word-of-mouth recruiting, along with driver recommendations and referrals, will be huge going forward. In order to make sure your drivers ambassadors who actually want to refer drivers to you, however, make sure you’re delivering on your promises and making an effort to build strong driver retention plans. 

  1. Now is your last chance to embrace digital recruiting

DriverReach has long been an advocate for digital-first recruiting solutions, and it’s now or never for recruiters to take the next steps. Recruitment innovation is expanding at such a rapid pace, and if your team hasn’t already made the jump to modern recruitment processes then this is your last chance. Soon, the technology will be far too advanced – think AI and natural language processor chatbots – to make a clean transition for your team.

  1. Supplemental benefits will be just as important as salary

If 2020 taught us anything it is that there is way more to life than our careers. Moving forward into the next few years, supplemental benefits such as vacation time, better access to truck parking, free WiFi, gym stipends, and other perks are just as important to new hires as their rate per mile. As recruiters, it is important to bridge this gap and discuss both with new driver applicants.

  1. Automation + human resources = success

Technology is rapidly advancing, but human resources will always be required in the CDL industry. Whether it’s finding and recruiting new drivers or working with current drivers to keep them engaged and retained, recruiters are the backbones of any CDL carrier’s success. The right technology, however, will make these processes run infinitely smoother and be more effective throughout 2021 and beyond.

After the whirlwind of 2020, it can be unsettling to try and ‘predict’ what is going to happen in 2021. In a unique way, however, the events of 2020 have actually put driver recruiters in a prime position to survive and thrive in 2021 and beyond.

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