5 Stats About the Trucking Industry That Driver Recruiters Need to Know

For an industry that has a reputation of being slow to evolve, there are some surprising new developments that all CDL driver recruiters should be aware of. As the overwhelming demand for CDL drivers grows (more than 51,000 drivers are still needed), the industry as a whole is improving their focus to better attract new drivers and retain the ones they have. Additionally, new federal regulations and guidelines are adding even more new elements to this rapidly stirring pot.

Here are five important stats about the trucking industry that your driver recruiters need to know:

80% of all goods transported are moved by truck drivers - The Truckers Report
This is an incredible statistic for a few reasons. This number is miles ahead of other modes of transportation (air, rail, water, etc.). For as ‘in jeopardy’ as the trucking industry is, it isn’t actually at risk. Plus, the rise of online shopping giants that praise themselves on fast shipping, such as Amazon and Walmart, is raising this percentage even more. There will always be goods ready to be shipped, the challenge is finding the drivers to actually drive them from point A to point B.

The trucking industry is responsible for 6% of all jobs in America - Trucker Path
Of this 6%, more than 5.1million people are actually employed as truck drivers. This is larger than any single employer in the world. With a market share this large, the shortage of 51,000 doesn’t seem too big, but it is slowly and steadily increasing. For every driver not on the road, there is a truck full of goods that can’t be shipped. This puts shipping companies (such as FedEx and UPS, which are two of the largest trucking employers) behind schedule, negatively impacting customers waiting for goods. It is a vicious cycle, and one of the only parts of the industry that can’t be solved with modern technology and innovation.

The trucking industry is worth $650 billion, or 5% of America’s GDP - Roadmaster Drivers School
As one of the largest, most profitable industries in the country, the trucking industry sees its fair share of issues come up on the national stage. Things like ELD mandates, hours of service guidelines, and freight capacity laws are all poised to introduce some serious changes to the industry as a whole. Looking at other industries that have had huge impacts on federal decisions (such as social media and communication) these changing regulations show that lawmakers recognize the importance of the CDL industry and are trying to make it safer for drivers on the roads.   

The average age of a truck driver is 55 years old  - NPR
This stat represents a growing problem for CDL driver recruiters and companies. The trucking industry is noticeably older than other industries thanks in large part because of the lack of interest from Millennial and Gen Z workers. As other industries have seen, however, the trucking industry must find a way to attract these workers in order to succeed in the long run. This is why many companies are turning to innovative HR and recruiting technology, streamlined applications, and tech-savvy communication solutions to connect with these younger workers on a more personal level.

The trucking industry is expected to grow by 21% by 2020 - Bureau of Labor Statistics
This last statistic should leave recruiters with a touch of optimism. As a whole, the trucking industry is growing – and it’s growing rapidly. Already, recruiters are looking to modern solutions for finding and attracting driver talent, and with the help of federal regulations, innovative technology, and driver-first applications, filling this need will be easy and scalable. As the industry grows, so too should the financial opportunities for drivers (the average salary for a CDL driver is around $40,000 and increasing) and recruiters. It all comes down to being open to new ideas and ready to change with your audience and industry.  

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