5 Tips for Optimizing Your Driver Career Page Now

As a driver recruiter, it can sometimes feel as though you’re trying everything under the sun to get drivers to engage with your organization. Especially now, when industry competition is so steep, finding that initial point of connection is critical. While there are plenty of fads and tricks out there claiming to attract drivers, one of your most important – and most successful – recruiting tools is something you’re already familiar with: your driver career page.

In recent years, job sites, online forums, and even social media have become go-to channels for job-hunting drivers to learn more about a company and its open positions. But one place connects all of these channels and provides a single source of truth for drivers, and that is your website and career page. Drivers want to learn about positions from the source, and applying through a company website instead of a third-party job site still holds a bit of cache in the eyes of job seekers.

If your driver career page feels a bit neglected, now is the time to update things for drivers. Optimizing your career page (and some elements of your website design) can make it easier for drivers to find open positions, engage with recruiters, and learn more about your organization.

Here are a few tips for optimizing your driver career page now:

  1. Evaluate whether or not your career page is easy to find. Unlike other industries that may hide their career page in a menu bar, carriers and trucking companies should also promote their applications front and center for all potential drivers to see.
  2. Determine if your job posting content is engaging. It can be hard to make your driver positions seem unique, but it’s not impossible! Highlight some of the benefits of driving with your organization, like in-cab Wifi or wellness offerings. Include some testimonials from current drivers about why they like driving with you. Make it engaging and fun to read.
  3. Include video content. While most career pages are pretty text-heavy, it’s okay to spice it up a bit with videos promoting career options or benefits packages. Just make sure you optimize everything for mobile access as well.
  4. Give your drivers options. While ‘Apply Now’ should be the primary CTA, recognize that some drivers may have questions before applying. Include a Chatbot feature on your page to answer driver questions in real-time and include a ‘Talk to a Recruiter’ button that connects potential drivers with recruiters for more in-depth conversations.
  5. Do a quick site audit. If your new and improved career page doesn’t connect back to your more prominent website, there could be some confusion or miscommunication for drivers. Do a quick site audit and update any out-of-date or old content with your new and improved messaging. After all, your entire website should act as an extension of your career page!

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