5 Tips to Keep Your CDL Drivers Engaged with Your Company

Over the last year and a half, there have been many new stories and content around engaging with remote employees. With much of the U.S. workforce working from home, this was a critical area of focus for many HR teams. CDL driver recruiting and HR teams were in an interesting position since their employees – CDL drivers – are fully remote all the time.

One of the biggest challenges driver recruiters have faced for many years is keeping drivers engaged and connected to an organization while they’re on the road. Whether you’re looking for new strategies to engage your drivers or want to stay on top of industry trends, here are a few innovative ways to keep your CDL drivers engaged:

  1. Set up scheduled check-ins with drivers. Whether on a bi-weekly or monthly basis, make sure you check in with every single one of your drivers on the road. While a phone call will suffice, you can up the ante with a video call.
  2. Establish a social media presence. Your drivers want the same connection with an organization as anyone working at a desk, which makes social media so valuable. Share company updates and repost your drivers when they post from the road for a fun, engaging feed.
  3. Give your drivers a place to leave feedback. Your drivers are on the frontlines of your business, and they have some excellent ideas to keep your company moving forward. Give them a place to leave feedback, suggestions, and recommendations. You can set up an anonymous feedback portal, send out surveys, or even ask them for feedback during your check-ins.
  4. Send out a newsletter or company update. Keep your drivers in the loop on what’s going on by sending out a newsletter or company update email. You can include company benchmarks and KPIs and highlight a driver in each installment to add a personal touch.
  5. Try to schedule in-person events. Now that in-person events are back on the calendar, try to set up a company-wide meeting or meet up. With most of your drivers on the road, it may be tricky to get everyone there in person, but the sentiment will be felt regardless. Try for a company meeting or even a company picnic for a little less formal way to build relationships.

How is your company engaging with drivers?

Your current drivers are the most significant asset your organization has, so keeping them engaged and connected is critical. How are you currently engaging with drivers? You can learn more and get more tips for driver engagement here.

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