6 Creative Ways To Stand Out To Driver Candidates

Over the past few years, there has been a steady stream of industries claiming to be ‘the most competitive’. There is one, however, that has steadily held on to that title for around a decade now: the CDL trucking industry. Thanks to an ongoing driver shortage that shows no signs of slowing down, CDL driver recruiters and carriers are in a constant battle with competitors to stand out, attract new drivers, and successfully retain drivers already on the road. 

Recently, CDL driver recruiters have started thinking more like marketers and are turning to exciting, creative recruiting tactics to stand out in this crowded marketplace. 

Here are a few creative tactics recruiters can adopt to connect with driver candidates: 

  1. Find new channels to connect with drivers. Recruiting websites like LinkedIn, Monster, and Indeed are popular for a reason, but they’re also incredibly crowded. Talk to your current drivers and see if there are any new channels that your team can use to find new drivers. Online forums, social media sites, and driver-specific networking groups are a good place to start. 
  2. Leverage current driver testimonials. Your current drivers should be one of the first places your recruiting team turns to when trying to figure out how to connect with potential new drivers. Ask drivers to answer a few testimonial questions about why they like working with your team. If there are any standout answers, think about committing these to video and using the answers across all of your recruiting platforms.  
  3. Make the most of driver referrals. In the new frontier of driver referrals, the key is to maximize referral programs to capitalize on driver networks to hire top talent – and reach drivers who may not even be looking for a new job. By implementing a great referral program, you could be filling trucks in no time. Companies like RocketCDL that specialize in driver referrals can help you make referrals your #1 source for improved driver retention.
  4. Adopt a technology-first recruiting approach. Many CDL driver recruiting processes are still stuck in the dark ages. Stand out to driver candidates by adopting a technology-first recruiting approach that prioritizes mobile features, text messaging, video conferencing, and more. 
  5. Double-down on social media. When job seekers in any industry are applying for a new job, one of the first places they look to gauge a company’s culture is its social media presence. Even though a majority of your CDL drivers are remote workers, you can still showcase a unique, engaging, and exciting company culture through social media. 
  6. Make your website work for you. If a driver is finally ready to apply to your company, they’re going to go to your website to access your application. This is not the place to turn them off with boring content or bland, off-putting design. Your website and your application page should be the icing on the cake when it comes to creative content. Make sure the images, words, videos, and the pages you’re working with reinforce a driver’s decision to “APPLY NOW” instead of turning them away. 

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