Actionable Marketing Tips to Add to Your CDL Driver Recruiting Process Now

At DriverReach, we often talk about driver recruiting being akin to sales in many regards, the largest of which is the relentless pursuit of a new driver (aka a client) throughout the recruiting process. As with all sales teams, marketing is a huge part of successfully bringing in new business, and this same principle also applies to driver recruiting.

Recruiters can sometimes think their engagement with drivers is limited to the application process alone, but there is much more that happens behind the scenes that recruiters can also influence. 

Here is a quick list of five go-to marketing best practices your driver recruiting team can leverage now:

  1. Website popups: We’ve all been perusing a website and experienced a popup asking us for our information or to join a mailing list. These popups are a great way to capture names and contact information for future nurture campaigns. Just because a driver isn’t ready to apply quite yet doesn’t mean you should settle for missing out on their information down the road.
  2. Social ads: Your ideal prospective drivers are more than likely using social media, so why not give this lucrative channel a try? Placing strategic ads on LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social media sites can help drive traffic directly to your applications. Just make sure your website and applications are mobile optimized for an ideal driver experience.
  3. SEO: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a go-to strategy for digital marketers everywhere looking to organically drive traffic to their websites and content. Make your website and job descriptions jump to the top of the search engine results by incorporating a few SEO best practices into your content strategy.
  4. Targeted nurturing campaigns: Everyone responds a little better to personalized content, which is what makes targeted nurturing campaigns so successful. If you have a driver who has gone dark or provided contact information without completing an application, add them to a nurture program. Adding them to a specific program track (such as Employed by a Competitor or Went Dark) can ensure you’re delivering personalized content that is unique to their specific situation.
  5. Data-backed ad placement: As any marketer would tell you, data is essential to making good decisions in the industry. Track where your team is seeing the highest rate of engagement – and rate of success – across different channels. Then, redistribute your ad spend to pad the channels that are performing higher.

Want to learn more?

Implementing marketing best practices in your driver recruiting process isn’t hard, but it can take some time and practice to get it right. The DriverReach team of modern driver recruiting experts are on-hand to answer your questions and help walk your team through the process of optimizing your recruiting workflows. 

If you’re looking for new tips and tricks to spice up your driver recruiting process in 2021, adding a bit of marketing flair is the perfect way to do it. You can learn more and schedule your conversation here.

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