Always Be Recruiting (CDL Drivers)!

When it comes to CDL driver recruiting, success isn't just a 'set it and forget it' process. As any seasoned recruiter can tell you, qualified drivers aren't just lining up for career opportunities (however ideal that may be!). Instead, recruiters must constantly be on the lookout for new drivers and even take a few additional measures to keep new candidates engaged.

This is where a sales-focused recruiting mentality comes into play. High-performing sales teams rely on a deep pipeline of prospects and opportunities to ensure salespeople are always working towards a close. Every new contact is treated as a potential sale, and these prospects are meticulously nurtured throughout the sales cycle.

Here are a few actionable ways your team can adopt a sales mentality of "always be recruiting":

  • Set up a prospect pipeline: Sales teams rely on deep prospect pipelines for constant access to potential clients. Recruiters must find the proper prospecting channels for their business (general / industry job boards, social media, etc.) and then stay on top of recruiting efforts to build a database of potential drivers.
  • Leverage a CRM platform: The most successful sales teams rely heavily on CRM platforms to track and manage their deals. Likewise, recruiting teams can use CRM functionality to keep track of driver conversations, move drivers through the recruiting process, and stay on top of communications. With a CRM keeping your recruiting team organized, you can be more effective and efficient in your driver engagement.
  • Grade your leads: All drivers are not created equal. While some recruiting teams struggle to figure out how to pick qualified drivers from the pack, a sales tip can help. By grading your leads like a sales team grades prospects, recruiters can determine the long-term ROI (return on investment or value) of a driver applicant. Create your grading scale around data points like experience, violations, and previous employment.  
  • Nurture your prospects: One of the most critical parts of a prospect-focused recruiting strategy is constant contact and engagement with drivers. Unfortunately, your recruiting process is not a spigot that you can turn on and off. By setting up a nurture program with your driver leads, you can take action as soon as a driver is ready – without having to start the recruiting process from square one.

Close the deal with DriverReach!

The pressure – and competition – to find and hire new drivers is at an all-time high right now. By rethinking your recruiting strategy from a sales standpoint, your team can always be recruiting and closing more 'deals' than ever before. You can learn more here.

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