Anatomy of a GREAT CDL Driver Application Process

If you’re like many CDL driver recruiters, you’re probably looking for new ways to step up your recruiting game in 2022. With so much competition (in the trucking industry and elsewhere), it’s now more critical than ever before for a flawlessly executed recruiting strategy.

One of the best ways to step up your game without wasting time or resources is by re-thinking your driver application process. It’s no surprise that modern drivers are looking for a thoughtful, driver-focused recruiting workflow, and the application process is a crucial part of this workflow.

Here, we’ll break down the anatomy of a great driver application process and highlight key areas to focus on at every step:

  • Placement: First, your driver application needs to be easy to find. Whether you’re promoting open positions on social media, a third-party website, or on your website, you should be using the same application. There needs to be an easy-to-spot ‘Apply Now’ button no matter where drivers are coming in from, and everything should be mobile-optimized for on-the-go access.
  • Questions: Next comes the questions you ask in your application. Contrary to popular belief, job applications don’t need to require your whole life story! Instead, cut down your questions to the basics – job history, qualifications, credentials, and licenses. With the additional steps of employment verifications and the Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse, you can keep the application itself to just the required basics.
  • Submission: For some reason, making an application easy to submit can be a sticking point for many carriers. Your application should require a simple click to submit – with NO printing out, signatures, or other offline additions needed. If your team requires a signature from drivers, be sure that is built into the online application to make it easy for drivers.
  • Follow Up: Although some may think of recruiter follow-up as part of the more extensive recruiting process, it’s a crucial step in the application process for drivers. How many times have you sat by the phone or checked your email constantly to hear back from a recruiter? This is why your team must ALWAYS follow up promptly with applicants – regardless of if you’re going to move them forward in the hiring process or not. It is the right thing to do and can help establish your company’s reputation as a driver-focused organization in the industry.


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