Anatomy of a Great CDL Driver Recruiting Touchpoint (Text, Call, and Email)

Driver recruiting is all about communication. We’ve all applied to new careers before, so we know how stressful finding a new role can be. For many driver recruiters, this first-hand knowledge means delivering unique recruiting experiences to drivers, starting with transparent and timely communication.

However, with so much competition in the trucking industry, driver applicants are likely receiving multiple focused outreach communications a week, sometimes even per day. Your recruiting touchpoints must go above and beyond to stand out from the crowd and set your team apart from the competition.

The Ultimate Driver Recruiting Touchpoint

Modern driver communication strategy requires more than just a quick email or phone call. Today, driver outreach is part of a larger, complex recruiting plan with online and offline components. 

Here are a few key features to think about when building an incredible driver recruiting communication touchpoint:

  • Channel: While recruiting communications traditionally are sent through email, multiple channels are now available to driver recruiters. Start using texts, calls, and even social media to expand your recruiting strategy and reach drivers where they want to be communicated with.
  • CTA: Every time you reach out to a driver, there needs to be a clear call to action in your message. What is the action you want the driver to take? While it may seem simple, you’d be surprised how many unnecessary touchpoints drivers receive, which can put them off from joining a new carrier.
  • An online component: You should have a digital asset designed to reiterate your message and drive your communication home in addition to the direct communication touchpoint. For example, it’s a good idea to make a phone call and then send a text or an email reiterating the message. Another example is a link in your text message that leads to more information and a CTA button.
  • Personalization: It’s no surprise that driver recruiting has upped its game in the last few years, thanks in large part to digital tools and solutions designed to help recruiters be more impactful. While you may automate some of your driver outreach strategy, this doesn’t mean that personalization should cease. Tailor each message to the driver in question or add a personalized salutation for a more human touch.
  • Internal tracking: Because your driver communications are part of a larger recruiting strategy, they need to be tracked as part of your driver records. Make sure that all touchpoints, regardless of channel or if they’re automated, are recorded in your ATS or CRM so that you can stay on top of where drivers are in the recruiting process.

Want to learn more?

While your team may be on the ball when it comes to driver communication, staying creative, flexible, and engaging is key to breaking through the noise and differentiating yourself from the competition this year. 


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