Are You Missing Out on a Large Percentage of Driver Applications Via Mobile?

As a CDL driver recruiter, you already know how critical the mobile experience is to attracting and recruiting new drivers. Texting with potential applicants, connecting over social media, and designing mobile-optimized websites are all great first steps to attract driver candidates.

But what about the actual application process? The trucking industry is quickly following in the footsteps of other more progressive industries by doubling down on the importance of mobile during the actual candidate application process. According to PEW Research, only 18% of smartphone users submitted an application over mobile, though 43% of smartphone owners used their mobile device to look up information about jobs. This means there is a massive opportunity for companies to close the gap between job seekers and actual applicants.

If you’re not leveraging a mobile-optimized application process yet, it’s time you started. Innovative driver recruiting solutions have hit the market that makes it much easier to connect with drivers where they are and enable them to apply directly from their smartphones.

While more antiquated industry recruiting management systems boast of 70% mobile application completion rate, DriverReach has a 90% mobile application completion rate. In fact, some of our customers see mobile application completion rates of up to 97%, setting them up as leaders in the industry. You might be wondering, “Why are DriverReach’s numbers higher than competitors?” If an application process isn’t optimized for mobile, an average 20% of applicants abandon the process before they even start the application. Talk about a huge loss for companies that desperately need good drivers!

At DriverReach, we help recruiters not only attract more applicants, but also drive those applicants to complete and submit new driver applications. So how do we do it?

Here are a few ways DriverReach enables driver recruiters to ensure their mobile applications stand out against the competition:

An easy-to-use application interface
It’s not enough to simply pre-populate fields anymore. CDL drivers are looking for the ultimate application experience on their mobile devices, and this means paring down your application to the basics. 50% of our competitor’s applications take 15 to more than 60 minutes to complete — a major taboo for time-strapped drivers. As a best practice, applications should require only a few minutes of a driver’s time. That’s why it’s key to stick to the need-to-know facts preferably with short answer requirements to maximize completed applications.

An important aspect for mobile applications specifically is the design. How many times have you tried to render something on a mobile device and it just won’t load, or it takes forever? This is a driver-specific issue that innovative recruiters should think about when considering an easy-to-use mobile application.

Another best practice? Don’t include anything that requires a download or physical signature. Applicants shouldn’t have to exit out of the application to download something else in a new tab. Think about how your drivers are engaging with your application while you're considering it to ensure maximum success. DriverReach delivers a best-in-class mobile application for recruiters who truly want to give drivers the best possible application experience.  

A faster time-to-hire
The most cumbersome part of the application process? Hands down, for both driver applicant and recruiter, the greatest challenge to a speedy hire involves the need for the driver applicant to list all previous employers on the DOT application and the need for the company to verify that employment. This is usually a very manual, time-consuming process. With DriverReach’s VOE Plus solution, recruiters have a much easier and faster way to verify previous employment, often accessing a database of driver previous employment data - allowing for a vastly improved speed-to-hire. This not only benefits the prospective employer, but also the driver applicant who is able to transition a new employer with less hurdles.

A streamlined process on the back-end
Sometimes, even if your mobile application is up-to-par and you have applicants streaming in, managing and converting these applicants to new employees is another issue altogether.

Many times, even though drivers are filling out mobile applications, this information has to be manually uploaded into whatever applicant management system or recruiting software your team is using. For a truly seamless mobile application experience, streamline the process on the back-end with a mobile application, CRM platform, and Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that all talk to and integrate with each other. This way, all of your data is easily accessible and visible. After your candidates submit a mobile application, your team can quickly follow up and get the ball rolling on the hiring part.

Don’t miss out on mobile applications
All CDL application management platforms are not created equal. If your team is looking to deliver amazing applicant experiences through best-in-class technology without losing the human element that connects drivers with your brand, DriverReach has the solution for you. Our CDL-specific application management platform is used by industry leaders to engage, attract, and hire new CDL drivers. See how DriverReach can help your team recapture mobile applications – request your personal consultation today!


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