Arkansas Trucking Report | Featuring Jeremy Reymer

While 2020 was a long year for many of us, 2021 has started off with a bang. At DriverReach, we are incredibly grateful to have been recognized by multiple industry partners for our team efforts and success in delivering modern, technology-driven solutions to CDL driver recruiters during these interesting times.

Recently, DriverReach CEO and Founder Jeremy Reymer was featured as the cover story in the Arkansas Trucking Report, the industry-leading regional journal of the Arkansas Trucking Association. In the feature, written by managing editor Bethany May, Jeremy discussed taking risks and finding opportunities – even in a year as wild as 2020 was. 

Here are a few highlights the article touched on in its feature on Jeremy and DriverReach:

  • The accelerated technology adoption rate across the trucking industry during the pandemic. 

One of the unexpected yet perfectly timed outcomes of the 2020 pandemic was the accelerated adoption of technology and digital solutions across the industry. With recruiting and driver management operations forced to go fully remote, carrier teams had little choice but to adopt new solutions, if they hadn’t already started. As Jeremy said in the interview, “If you were a trucking company that didn’t have a way to manage your driver data electronically, you were dead. Because you were shut down, everything’s back in the office in a filing cabinet.” 

  • The changing recruiting landscape amidst a lingering driver shortage.

Above all else, the driver shortage is still going on – and still wreaking havoc for recruiters and carriers who have seen demand spikes over the last few months. As avid readers of DriverReach content will no doubt know, Jeremy is a strong proponent of lowering the legal CDL age from 21 to 18 to open up the industry to a new pool of applicants. Additionally, recruiters can focus recruiting efforts on diverse applicant pools (like more female drivers) to close this gap.

  • The unique PR opportunity the trucking industry now has as an essential industry.

Throughout 2020, drivers stepped up and proved to people across the country just how essential the industry – and the services provided – are to our economy and way of life. Now is the perfect opportunity for the trucking industry to capitalize on this great PR and do things like push through much-needed regulations, attract new drivers, and revamp the industry at large.

  • Jeremy’s love for all things historic – especially the smash Broadway hit Hamilton.

Outside of trucking industry news and predictions, Jeremy and Bethany discussed Jeremy’s love of all things history, from biographies of presidential leaders to the pop culture sensation Hamilton. Jeremy’s road to the trucking industry – and the founding of DriverReach – was long and winding, but his appreciation of the past continues to be a driving force towards the future of the industry. 

You can read the entire issue of Arkansas Trucking Report, including Jeremy’s cover feature, here.

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