ATRI Crash Predictor Model Shows That Hiring More Women CDL Drivers Leads to Safer Roads

In the world of CDL driving, safety is everything. From the safety of drivers themselves to other autos and passengers on the road, there are many moving parts to consider when talking about truck safety. Every few years, the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) puts together a Crash Predictor Model report that finds trends and benchmarks in safety violations, citations, crashes, and more. With the data discussed in this report, carriers, drivers, and recruiters can make better decisions to keep truck drivers and others safer on the roads.  

 We’ve gathered a few of the main themes from the most recent 60+ page report here: 

  • The ATRI Crash Predictor Model makes it possible for industry experts to quantify the likelihood of a crash based on specific risk factors. The 2018 report is the third of its kind and includes almost 12 risky behaviors that increase the risk of a crash by more than 50%. The top two risky behaviors, reckless driving and failure to yield right of way, can increase the risk of a crash by 100%.

  • This ATRI study and the Crash Predictor Model were designed to prevent crashes and create a safe, scalable modern trucking industry. These insights can help recruiters find and hire the right drivers, train and prepare drivers for the road, and keep drivers and civilians safe. Understanding the violations and convictions that can result in unsafe driving behaviors creates an environment of safe driving decision making.  

  • The 2018 ATRI Crash Predictor Model found that by hiring more women in the trucking industry, the industry as a whole would become a safer place to work. According to the study, male drivers are 20% more likely to be in a crash than female drivers. Female drivers also consistently outperformed male drivers in every significant safety behavior.

  • While hiring more female drivers has been a long-term goal for the trucking industry for a while, this study has given this movement even more momentum. Compared to their female counterparts, male truck drivers have an:

    • 88% higher risk of receiving a reckless driving conviction

    • 78% higher risk of receiving a seat belt violation

    • 73% higher risk of receiving a traffic signal conviction

    • 70% higher risk of receiving a speeding conviction

What these takeaways are really telling us is that there is a case to be made for hiring more female drivers to increase the safety of the CDL industry in the long term. After taking into account more than 400,000 driver records from the last two years, the ATRI Crash Predictor Model makes the case that hiring more female drivers and creating a more diverse industry will improve the safety of truck drivers and others on the road.

Already, serious strides are being made to increase the awareness and inclusivity of the trucking industry. Thanks to groups such as Women in Trucking, talking about gender diversity and unbiased hiring practices is no longer taboo. And now, thanks to this new study from ATRI, the industry has access to real numbers to help provide this movement an additional boost. With safer, focused drivers on the roads, industry safety benchmarks will continue to rise.

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