Bolster Your Driver Recruiting Process During a Crisis

There are plenty of lessons this COVID-19 situation has taught us as recruiters, but the biggest one is that it’s important to always expect the unexpected. In the world of driver recruiting, this notion is especially true. While CDL driver recruiters have been under immense pressure over the last few years due to the ongoing driver shortage, this newest crisis has thrown yet another wrench into the logistics economy.

If there is any optimistic approach to this crisis, however, it is that professionals across all job functions and industries are figuring out how to strengthen their risk mitigation protocols, better adapt to changing workflows, and reinforce their processes to better operate during (and react to) a crisis. While the COVID-19 crisis might have left you scrambling, it’s also shed light on the processes or workflows that might need a little attention. 

Here are a few scalable ways to bolster your driver recruiting process to better withstand a crisis:

         Make the application and recruiting process easy for drivers.

During a crisis (even the current COVID-19 pandemic), people aren’t looking for another process that is going to take time or unnecessary focus. CDL driver applicants are already in an uncertain position: they are looking for a new career opportunity that may take them across the country, which is the opposite of what everyone else is doing during voluntary isolation. For your team to truly operate seamlessly during a crisis situation, you must first make sure that your drivers are not unduly impacted or inconvenienced.   

         Have the right tools and resources on hand for your internal team.

As humans we like to think that we can do it all. The current pandemic and ensuing panic has shown us, quite clearly, that this isn’t always the case. One of the most proactive steps CDL driver recruiting teams can take to efficiently continue operations during a crisis is by having the right tools, solutions, and resources on hand for your team. With a flexible applicant tracking system, an easily updatable online presence, and a communication process that can quickly go from in-office to at-home or online, your team can quickly adapt to whatever crises come next.

         Don’t sacrifice quality for efficiency.

In a crisis situation, it can be tempting to cobble together a solution or process just to ‘get something out there’ fast. Many times, however, this scraped-together process can cut corners and deliver a poor recruiting experience to both recruiters and drivers alike. While addressing current concerns driven by COVID-19, now is the time to identify where long-term practices need to be put into effect or where emergency workflows would suffice.

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